Where We Belong

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Where We Belong

An N/Ravi oneshot for Lysandre Aubé


“Hakyeon!” Wonshik materialized in the forest amid a cloud of churning black and red smoke. The surrounding trees were silent as he took a few steps further into the clearing. A bright light flashed across the clearing from him and as it faded, a beautiful, tanned man stood in its wake, large white wings shrinking into his back.


“Wonshik!” Hakyeon sprinted across the grass, flinging himself into Wonshik’s arms. Holding him tightly, Wonshik took a moment to just soak in the other man, his soft hair, the way he smelled like vanilla and how Wonshik’s cinnamon scent mingled with it, the way he fit perfectly in his arms. Nuzzling against Hakyeon's shoulder, Wonshik took a deep breath before he stepped away slightly.


“We don’t have a lot of time.” His voice was hushed as he addressed Hakyeon, urgent. “The other demon’s have been keeping a close eye on me.” It was no secret that angels and demons had been at war for as long as time itself and he had blindly waged that war right beside his dark brothers for centuries. But then the unthinkable happened. He couldn’t help but reminisce about the day he had met the angel in his arms.


There had been a huge battle and many lives were lost on both sides. His commander had sent him back out to the battlefield, this very field, to see if there were any injured angels they could capture and bring back for interrogation. When he heard the soft voice, he had followed it, weapon drawn and ready to attack, only to see an angel kneeling beside a gravely wounded demon. The demon looked scared as he gripped the angel’s hands. That angel, Hakyeon, was trying to sooth the demon, reassuring him that death was peaceful and he wouldn’t leave his side until it was over. Never in his whole existence had Wonshik ever seen such a kind act, even from the angels who were supposed to be known for love and kindness. When he had approached, he saw that Hakyeon had been ignoring his own severe wounds just to make sure his enemy didn’t pass on in fear.


Wonshik was sure that, at that moment, he had fallen in love with that angel. Kneeling beside Hakyeon, he had silently worked on the angel’s wounds, apply what little medical knowledge he had to tend to him. Once the demon passed on, Hakyeon sat back and Wonshik could see the tears spilling down his cheeks. Moved, he had pulled Hakyeon to his chest and held him as he cried for the death of a creature who would have never given murdering him a second thought. Ever since that day, the two had met frequently in secret where a romance had bloomed. And now he couldn’t imagine his life without Hakyeon.


“Wonshik… If it’s dangerous, we can’t do this anymore.” Hakyeon’s voice shocked him out of his memories and Wonshik shook his head frantically.


“I’d rather die than give you up!” He shouted, surprised that Hakyeon would suggest such a thing so easily. His chest hurt at the thought that Hakyeon would really let him go.


“Don’t say that, Wonshik. I want you to live.” Voice hurt, Hakyeon looked away and Wonshik could tell the suggestion stung at him just as badly as it had Wonshik.


“What is life if you’re not in it?” Trying to please his case, Wonshik attempted to get Hakyeon to look him in the eyes.


“It’s life.” Came Hakyeon’s soft reply. He knew the angel didn’t care about his own safety, only Wonshik’s. And that hurt even more. A soft crackling sound alerted him and Wonshik managed to pull Hakyeon behind a boulder, a reddish black dome surrounding them and shrouding them from detection, a skill he had learned a few hundred years ago in an attempt to protect Hakyeon.


“Shhh.” He held Hakyeon tightly with one arm, his other extended to maintain the dome until he heard the snap of the demon returning to their realm. “Okay, it’s okay. They’re gone.”


“You’ll have to go soon, Wonshik.” Hakyeon sighed and put his hands on Wonshik’s cheeks, leaning in to kiss him passionately. Wrapping both arms around his angelic lover, Wonshik deepened their kiss, never wanting to let Hakyeon go, afraid that the next time, Hakyeon wouldn’t come to meet him.

“One day, Hakyeon. One day I’m going to rage war on heaven and hell just to be with you forever.” Whispering his promise against Hakyeon’s lips, Wonshik could feel tears sting at his eyelids. How could he go back to living a life without love or happiness in it? Without Hakyeon in it?


“If you did, I’d rage war beside you, Wonshik.” Hakyeon’s fingers found his hair, playing with it in a way that always seemed to soothe Wonshik’s concerns, though did little to help this time.


“I know you would, sweet boy.” Wonshik sighed, knowing he could never make Hakyeon sit in a safe location and wonder if Wonshik would return to him or not. They’d fight together.


“Wonshik… Would you refuse if I said I wanted to run away together tonight?” Hakyeon continued to play with his hair, meeting Wonshik’s eyes with a determined expression. “Right now?”

“Where would we go?” Concerned, Wonshik rubbed Hakyeon’s hips and chewed on his own lip, a million options running through his mind, none of which would stay safe for long.


“We would go into hiding. We could go to purgatory.” Hakyeon only seemed to get more excited as he spoke but Wonshik only became more doubtful. He trusted Hakyeon with his life, but he knew how dangerous purgatory was supposed to be. Angels and Demons alike were forbidden to go there.


“But purgatory is full of the souls of monsters.” Wonshik shook his head, pressing his forehead against Hakyeon’s shoulder. “What if something happened to you there? How would I live with myself?”


“Wonshik, I’ve been to purgatory. To accompany souls that were afraid to go alone. I know how to open the door and I have allies inside.” Hakyeon was practically begging him, dropping his hands down to hold onto Wonshik’s earnestly. “Besides. They’d never think to look for us there, Wonshik. We could do it.”


“Yeah. Let's do it, Hakyeon.” Reassured by the angel, Wonshik got up, helping Hakyeon to his feet. “I’d follow you anywhere if it meant we could be together.”


“I love you so much, Wonshik.” Hakyeon kissed him lovingly and held his cheek’s gently, an action that always made Wonshik’s heart flutter.


“I love you too, Hakyeon.” Smiling, he kissed Hakyeon back and stepped back to hold his hand tightly, standing side by side with the love of his life. “You’re my whole world. Let’s go, baby.”


“I’ve never been more ready.” Hakyeon grinned back as he held out his hand and a glowing doorway began to appear. As the entrance to purgatory formed in front of them, Wonshik still felt afraid, but with Hakyeon beside him, he could do anything. The worst could happen, yeah, but in the end, at least they would have tried. As he stepped into the other side with his love, Wonshik knew that whatever happened, they fought for their love and that was more than good enough.

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