A Spoonful of Sugar

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A Spoonful of Sugar

A Yuta/WinWin oneshot for Chloe Bouchard


“SiCheng you have a fever. You can’t just go to practice today.” Yuta grumbled as his felt his band-mate's forehead, finding it hot to the touch and sweaty. “If you do you’ll probably end up in the hospital.”


“I don’t want to slack off though.” SiCheng tried to sit up, annoyed when Yuta gently held him down but too weak to fight it. Giving up, he glared up at his friend in frustration.


“I forbid you from going. You need to rest.” Yuta gave him a stern look which only made SiCheng’s pout grow. Missing even a day of practice seemed like a travesty. The company sure wouldn’t like it.


“But…” Still wanting to put up at least a little bit of a fight, SiCheng batted his hands away. “What about practice? I don’t want to be cooped up alone all day…”


“Don’t worry. I wont leave you alone.” Grinning, Yuta sat on the bed next to him, tucking his in as though to punctuate his statement. “I’m going to stay and make sure you take your medicine and stay hydrated.”


“You don’t have to waste your time like that.” Settling into his bed, SiCheng yawned and closed his eyes. Now that he was no longer pushing himself to get up and get ready he was incredibly exhausted and just wanted to go back to sleep but he felt unsettled at the idea of waking up alone. But he also didn’t want Yuta getting in trouble for taking care of him.


“Did I say it was a waste of time?” Yuta snapped, causing SiCheng to wince slightly, not sure why he sounded so angry with him.


“No…” Feeling cautious, he opened his eyes to look up at the other man. Yuta smiled at him, setting his heart at ease as his friend ran his fingers through SiCheng’s hair. The action only made him more sleepy and his eyes closed again without his permission.


“Then I don’t think it’s a waste of time, SiCheng.” Yuta moved next to him and he was too sleepy to see what he was doing. He felt the mattress shift and an arm drape over his abdomen.


“Okay…” Yawning, he snuggled against the other man, already starting to fall back to sleep but curious about Yuta’s motives. “What are you doing?”


“I’m going to cuddle you. You must feel really crummy right now.” Yuta kissed his forehead and SiCheng relaxed against him. It felt so comfortable and soft in the other man’s arms.


“But you might get sick.” Concerned for his companion’s health despite desperately wanting him to stay, SiCheng hold tightly onto Yuta’s shirt.


“Some chances are worth taking.” Yuta gathered him in his arms and held him closer. “Just get some sleep. It’ll help you feel better.”


“Yuta…” SiCheng yawned again and hid his face against the other man’s neck as the last of their members left the dorm and they were entirely alone.


“Yeah?” Running his fingers through SiCheng’s hair with one hand, rubbing his back with the other, Yuta was doing a great job at lulling him back to slumber.


“Thank you.” SiCheng managed to mumble out as he drifted off to sleep, wrapped in dreamland before he could hear a reply. He knew he’d be safe in Yuta’s arms.

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this I love :)
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this I love :)