Love Is A Strong Word But I Really Really Really Just Like You

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Love Is A Strong Word But I Really Really Really Just Like You

A Yoongi/Hoseok oneshot for Chloe Bouchard


“Hey Yoongi~” Hoseok beamed as his friend opened the apartment door. Holding out a bag of doughnuts and a tray of coffee in greeting, Hoseok let himself in while his sleepy friend yawned and closed the door behind him. “Did I wake you?”


“Hi, Hoseok.” Yoongi took a coffee gratefully and plopped down on the couch to try to wake himself up. “I just woke up before you got here. What do you need?” Hoseok sat beside him and stretched out next to his friend, casually swinging his legs over Yoongi’s lap. When he had woken up that morning it was with one mission in mind. He was going to confess his feelings to Min Yoongi whether he had a heart attack from the anxiety of it or not.


“Just wanted to spend the day with the love on my life.” Chuckling, Hoseok took a large bite of the sweet pastries he had brought with him and leaned back against the arm of the couch.


“Was Jin busy?” Yoongi absentmindedly rubbed Hoseok’s calves and took a long drink of his coffee. Hoseok shot him a glare, disliking when he was teased about his close friendship with Jin.


“Why must you be such a brat?” Sighing, Hoseok poked Yoongi in the ribs with his toe and stuck his tongue out at him. Counting this attempt as a loss, he decided he wasn’t going to leave his friend’s home until his feelings were heard.


“It’s who I am as a person.” Yoongi shrugged and took a doughnut from the bad on Hoseok’s stomach and the two began to enjoy their breakfast in comfortable silence while inside Hoseok plotted his next move.




“Hey Yoongi?” He’d been there for a few hours and had finally worked up his courage enough to try his confession again. If he was going to spill his feelings, he was going to do it in a nice, fresh, fun way that Yoongi would respect him for.


“Yeah?” Yoongi glanced up from his phone and Hoseok looked him over, biting his lip. Damn him for being so absolutely stunning. Taking a deep breath, he made his move.


“You know what I would love for lunch?” Hoseok leaned forward, trying to be enticing as he blew his companion a playful kiss.


“Here. Pick a place to order from.” Yoongi picked a stack of takeout menus and tossed them at Hoseok and went back to scrolling through his phone. Hoseok groaned and started shuffling through them. This was going to be a lot harder than he had thought it would be…


“I mean… Okay” He shook his head and looked down at the menus. Strike two and he was starting to believe he’d never get his feelings heard. If he failed one more time he might just have to give up entirely…




“Hey Yoongi?” They were watching a movie after dinner and Hoseok was his friend’s hair as Yoongi rested his head on Hoseok’s lap. The atmosphere was perfect for a confession. This was his time to shine and by damn he was going to do just that.


“Uh-huh?” Yoongi Yawned, clearly too comfortable on Hoseok’s lap. Perfect. His guard was down. With any luck he would be too tired to give him any more sass.


“If you could be on a desert island with one person forever who would it be?” Hoseok questioned, hoping that his friend would give a weak, non-committal answer so his confession sounded extra cool and touching.


“Probably Jungkook. That little psychopath would live no matter what.” Yoongi sat up, suddenly fueled by the question. “I’d say Namjoon but he’s clumsy so everything his genius brain built, his flaily body would wreck and we’d die. You?”


“Oh. Uh…” Watching in shock as his question somehow backfired, Hoseok just agreed with him on default. “Yeah same.” Who in the world would have thought that Yoongi had actually thought of a detailed answer to such a random question?




“Hey Yoongi?” Finally. FINALLY this was going to be the time. Hoseok looked over at the sleeping Yoongi beside him, relieved that the other man had suggested he sleep over after making no move to leave to begin with.


“Mm?” Yoongi didn’t open his eyes but Hoseok knew he was listening, partly because nobody could sleep through the rapid shaking that Yoongi was being subjected to.


“Do you know what lights up my life?” Hoseok grinned, knowing this time was going to be his best and maybe even cheesiest attempt.


“It’s just the moon, Hoseok. Go back to bed.” Yoongi half growled at him, lightly pushing his hands off of his arm. “I can’t believe you woke me up for this…”


“No, damn it!” Hoseok threw himself back on the bed groaning in frustration. “I’ve been trying to confess my feelings to you literally all day!” Blurting out his confession in such a messy way wasn’t what he wanted but here he was. Nothing else was working and he was tired of being cute about it.


“Wait... What?” He felt Yoongi move next to him but refused to look over at his friend, angry that he somehow managed to not understand all of his advances.


“I love you, Yoongi!” Hoseok hit him with a pillow as he pouted, rolling away so his back was to the other man.


“I love you too.” Yoongi surprised him with his own confession, reaching out to tug at Hoseok’s shirt gently. “Now come here so we can go to sleep.”


“Okay~ Okay.” Joy filled Hoseok as he rolled right into Yoongi’s arm, cuddling against his chest. He felt soft lips brush against his forehead and then Yoongi was snoring again, fast asleep. “Goodnight, Yoongi~” Chuckling, Hoseok snuggled closer and fell asleep again, mission accomplished.

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this I love :)