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Personal Touch

A WinWin/Yuta Oneshot for Leah Short


“Hey Yuta, will you help me make dinner?” SiCheng questioned as he rummaged in the dorm dorm fridge for ingredients. There were so many people to cook for that the thought of doing it alone was both terrifying and exhausting but he knew he could always count on his loyal boyfriend to assist him.


“No.” Yuta’s refusal shocked him for a moment and turned around to look at the other man in confusion. Yuta never told him no and hearing it over something as simple as helping with dinner just felt bizarre and honestly a little painful.


“What? Why not?” Turning from what he was doing, SiCheng looked at Yuta, trying to figure out exactly what the problem could be. He’d seemed a little moody lately but he had assumed It was just stress from promotions, Maybe he was wrong.


“I’m not hungry.” Yuta began to walk back to the living room and SiCheng pounced, grabbing his hand to stop him. For some reason, he was worried that if he let Yuta walk away and wallow in whatever was bothering him any longer it would end badly for their relationship and he in no way wanted that.


“You’ve been mad at me all week. What did I do?” He tried to get his boyfriend to look at him but Yuta pulled away with an angry snarl, like touching him was disgusting.


“You don’t know, SiCheng?” Voice dripping with malice, Yuta stormed into the living room, SiCheng scrambling behind him in a panic.


“If I knew I wouldn’t be wasting my time asking.” Reaching out for Yuta’s hand, SiCheng managed to catch him yet again. Why was he being so difficult? Usually they talked about their problems…


“Why don’t you ask one of the other members then?” Hissing out his reply, Yuta pulled away again. Preparing to go after him, SiCheng jumped in surprise when Yuta whirled around to face him, a fire in his eyes and fists clenched.


“Yuta!” Taking a step back, SiCheng put his hands on his hips and glared back, frustrated and upset. He had to get angry back or he was going to cry from desperation.


“Leave me alone.” Half shouting, Yuta advanced on SiCheng slightly, causing him to stumble back another step. He must have done something to hurt the other man so why couldn’t he pinpoint it?


“I wont until you tell me what’s wrong.” Shaking his head, SiCheng moved forward and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, holding him tightly in hopes that the embrace would sooth Yuta’s fury.


“Do you even care?” Sounding more hallow and defeated than angry now, Yuta stood rigid in his arms, tense and reluctant to let more of himself touch SiCheng than needed.


“Clearly if I’m still asking I care enough to know the answer…” Holding Yuta’s cheeks in his hands, SiCheng forced him to look him in the eyes. He was feeling desperate and absolutely powerless in the face of Yuta’s wrath.


“Why don’t you ask one of your other boyfriends?” Narrowing his eyes at SiCheng, Yuta gave him a glare that made his heart feel like a fist was squeezing it. What was he going on about? Other boyfriends?


“Yuta… You are my only boyfriend…” SiCheng shook his head, rubbing the other man’s cheeks. “Baby, come on. What’s bringing this on?”


“Why do you hang all over the other members?!” Yuta shouted, pushing SiCheng back a step. His anger was replaced with pain and SiCheng's heart broke at the thought that he had accidentally hurt the man he loved.


“You don’t like that?” Taking a deep breath, SiCheng pressed his forehead against his boyfriend’s angry at himself for being so oblivious. “You should have told me sooner. I wont do it anymore.”


“You promise?” He felt Yuta’s hands gently grasp his wrists and he knew they’d get through this fight, that, as scary as their argument had been, he wouldn’t be losing the love of his life today.


“I promise.” They shared a kiss and SiCheng sighed in relief before his stomach grumbled from hunger. “Now will you help me with dinner?”


“Anything for you, my love.” Yuta chuckled, kissing him again before heading to the kitchen. “What’s taking you so long?” Laughing, he followed after his boyfriend, crisis adverted for another day.

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