Comfort and Care

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Comfort and Care

A Heechul/Leeteuk oneshot for Kelli Mikulec


“Ugh. I’m finally home. Heechul?” Leeteuk groaned as he entered the house, exhausted from his long day at work. The law firm he worked for had a particularly difficult case they taking on only made harder because their idiot defendant was determined to make their jobs a living nightmare. He was elusive and a pathological liar and of course his boss tossed the case right into his lap. He had spent most of the afternoon simply wanting to either die or kill the man.


“In the kitchen, Teukie~” Heechul, his husband, shouted back and he heard the clanging of dishes. As he entered the kitchen, he found their small dining room table covered in his favorite foods, candles lit in the center. The radio was on, playing soft music.


“What’s all this?” Looking it over, he smiled to himself, noting how it was only a little singed, which was impressive for Heechul’s cooking skills. Happily, he sat down at the table as Heechul did the same, offering him a basket of rolls.


“I could tell that you were having a rough day from the way you were texting so I decided to pamper you.” Grinning, Heechul poured them both wine and nodded at Leeteuk’s. “Relax. You’re home now.”


“You didn’t have to go through all this trouble. You worked all day too.” Leeteuk took a grateful sip of his wine and closed his eyes a moment, savoring it. It was amazing that Heechul was willing to cook a full meal on his own after working all day as an art teacher.


“So? I wanted to do it.” Shrugging, Heechul pointed at Leeteuk’s place to prompt him to eat. “You deserve to be pampered sometimes, you know.”


“Thanks, Hee.” Feeling honored, Leeteuk took a large bite of food, surprised at the taste. “This tastes amazing.” He hoped his shock hadn’t hurt the man’s feeling’s and, by the sound of Heechul’s laughter, he luckily hadn’t.


“I know. I barely even burnt it this time. My skills are improving.” Reaching across the table, Heechul reached out and held Leeteuk’s hand, squeezing it gently. All the tension and anger he had been feeling began to melt away at the contact.


“I really appreciate it. You’ve come a long way and I’m proud.” Leaning across the room, he gave Heechul a loving kiss and rubbed his cheek with his free hand. “What did I do to deserve you?”


“Must have been a saint in your past life.” Shrugging, Heechul chuckled and kissed him back as a slow song came. “Hey. Let’s dance!” Getting up, Heechul extended his hand to Leeteuk.


“Huh?” Gazing up at him a moment, Leeteuk seemed to realize the man was serious and allowed him to help him to his feet. He and Heechul held each other close as they swayed in the kitchen, not so much dancing as just embracing and rocking in time to the music.


“This is really nice, isn’t it?” Heechul questioned, resting his head on Leeteuk’s shoulder. Smiling, Leeteuk ran his fingers through his lover’s hair and nodded.


“It was exactly what I needed. Thank you.” Kissing Heechul’s forehead, Leeteuk held him closer, feeling more relaxed than he had in days.


“Don’t thank me. Just love me.” Heechul replied, laughing quietly as he lifted his hair to kiss Leeteuk. Grinning, Leeteuk kissed him back deeply.


“I’ll love you forever, Kim Heechul.” He replied, pressing their foreheads together. It didn’t matter how awful work got, as long as he could come home to this man, it’d be fine.

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this I love :)
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this I love :)