Black Magic

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Black Magic

A Moonbin/Eunwoo oneshot for Leah Short


“Let me go!” Eunwoo shouted, tugging at the iron restraints around his wrists. Blood dripped from his legs and arms and his wings ached. Only a few short days ago he had been minding his own business doing fairy things as fairies do and then total blackness had descended upon him and he woke up shackled to a wall in this witch’s dark, damp den. Since then he had suffered torture at the witch’s hand, but he had also began to see a weakness in the man.


“Go? No no no. Silly fairy.” A harsh laugh emanated from the cloaked man in front of him. “I’m going to siphon every last drop of magic from you so that I can become stronger.” He knew this witch, or at least had heart talk of him. His name was Eunwoo and he was known for the death of many mythical beings but before that, he had been one of the most promising wizards in their kingdom.


“Seriously? Aren’t you supposed to be a great and powerful mage?” Taunting the madman in front of him, Eunwoo tugged at his restraints again. “Doesn’t it just prove you’re not, having to steal power from others?” Something must have happened to turn that promising young witch into this monster and if he had any chance of getting out of this situation he was going to have to play with that trauma.


“It’s amazing you can be so sassy so close to your demise.” Moonbin hissed as he slapped the fairy across his face, earning a surprised yelp from the fae.


“What do I have to lose?” Eunwoo spat back, trying and failing to strike out at his captor in anger. “You’ll kill me anyway so why play nice and beg and cry?” Glaring at the other man, he refused to waver in his determination. If he were going to die then he wouldn’t do so without fighting the whole way. If he was nothing else, he was no quitter.


“You’re interesting, Fairy.” Moonbin gave him a thoughtful look, seeming to take in every inch of him in a way that sent a shiver through Eunwoo. It was hungry but in none of the ways he understood.


“I have a name.” Eunwoo spoke softly, seeing a flicker of something familiar in the wizards eyes, a spark of humanity that still seemed to cling to him despite the dark road he went down in life.


“That’s not my concern.” Moonbin snarled and gripped his hands into fists but didn’t strike him this time. It felt a little bit like progress to the fairy.


“It’s Eunwoo.” He smiled a little and gave the wizard a sympathetic look, an action that clearly took the other man by surprises.


“I don’t care.” He half shouted though it was obvious he cared at least a little bit. Eunwoo couldn’t help but wonder when the last time was that anyone bothered to show Moonbin any kindness.


“But don’t you?” Eunwoo leaned against the wall, inspecting the growing bruises on his wrists from under the shackles. The wizard turned his back on him and Eunwoo wondered if that was a good or a bad sign. “Don’t you ever feel lonely, Moonbin?”


“No. I don’t.” Moonbin hissed and kicked at the table in front of him, clearly unable to handle the mix of emotions welling up inside of him. “And don’t you dare ever speak my name again, Fairy.”


“But you haven't tried to my essence dry yet.” Shrugging, Eunwoo gave him another soft smile. Something about this man felt like it was crying out for someone to love him and he couldn’t help but wonder if maybe his quest for power was a response to a broken heart.


“I have not…” The mage mumbled, shaking his head, his shoulders stiff with reluctance to show any kind of weakness around him.


“Any why is that?” Keeping his voice quiet and gentle, Eunwoo tried to reason with the wizard, seeing the cracks in his evil shell begin to break away.


“I… Find you interesting. Most creatures fear me by now. But instead you insult me…” Moonbin finally faced him again, giving him a thoughtful look, surprisingly not tainted with any kind of malice or cruelty. “You pity me…”


“Like I said. Why be afraid of what you can’t avoid.” Eunwoo smiled at him and lifted his chained arms as high as he could. “I think you’re in a worse position than I am, Moonbin. You’re in more pain.”


“I hate that you seem to see into my soul. It makes me feel vulnerable.” Looking down at the floor, Moonbin shifted nervously from foot to foot, unable to meet his gaze again.


“You think I don’t feel vulnerable?” Eunwoo gave a soft laugh and shook his head. “I’m entirely at your mercy, my lord.” Moonbin moved quickly and unlocked his bonds, whirling away from him again.


“Just go.” The wizard snapped at him and Eunwoo was sure he had seen the start of tears in the other man’s eyes when he turned away. He was hurting.


“What if I don’t want to?” Without hesitation, Eunwoo back-hugged his captor, feeling him stiffen in his arms.


“What?” The mage seemed uncomfortable and it felt as though he was possibly holding his breath. He must have been terrified and Eunwoo didn’t blame him.


“You may have decided you don’t want to use my power but I think you still need me. Something is broken inside of you and someone needs to save you.” Being honest, Eunwoo pressed his forehead against the wizard’s shoulder. He was tired and hungry and in pain but he knew the wizard must have felt that for so much longer.


“And that someone is you, huh?” Moonbin seemed to relax, putting his hands over Eunwoo’s. The fairy couldn’t help but wonder if this was the first time he had relaxed in years.


“Yeah. I think it might be.” Smiling, Eunwoo nodded against Moonbin’s shoulder. It was going to take time and effort to build up the other man’s trust but he was in for the long haul. Eunwoo was going to save this man from his own destruction.

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