Sleepovers and Shy Glances

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Sleepovers and Shy Glances

A Yuta/WinWIn fic for Leah Short



Yuta swept up some dust from under his fridge and looked around his spotless apartment. Any moment now his best friend would be coming over to watch movies and stay overnight and he wasn’t sure he could handle himself. Hence, why he had been nervously cleaning despite the fact that SiCheng wouldn’t have cared if his entire apartment was covered in sludge a long as they got to hang out. They’d been best friends for years, since fate had brought them together as the only foreigners in their school, and Yuta had spent a long time trying to fight off feelings for his friend.


He couldn’t bring himself to imagine that SiCheng would want anything more from him then they already had. The other man was perfect in every way and he was just Yuta. Just normal, every day Yuta. Before his mind could dissolve into a sad, friend zoned oblivion there was a knock on his apartment door, prompting him to finally dump the contents of the dustpan into the wastebasket and answer the door. What met him was a warm smile and two arms lifting him and spinning him slightly.


“Yuta!” SiCheng hugged him tightly as he sat Yuta back on his feet. “I brought so many movies. And popcorn. I brought popcorn.” Blushing slightly, Yuta stepped aside so SiCheng could enter his home. Stealing a quick glance at his friend, he hurried after him into the living room to help him unpack the bags of snacks and movies he had brought with him, a bag of clothes deposited by the couch.


“Hey SiCheng. I ordered some pizza and I have ice cream.” Sitting on the couch beside his friend, Yuta stretched and gave his friend another secretive glance before leaning against him. SiCheng’s arm wrapped around his shoulder and gave it a light squeeze and Yuta couldn’t help but wish that it was a slightly more intimate embrace.


“This place is shining, its so clean.” SiCheng chuckled and rested his feet on the footrest in front of the couch. “Expecting someone important?”


“Only you.” Shrugging, Yuta stuck his tongue out at his friend, teasing him. “And the pizza guy.”


“Ooooo. Am I suddenly so important?” SiCheng ignored the Pizza Guy comment and ruffled Yuta’s hair, causing the man to blush again. Yuta hated how domestic they felt.


“Not suddenly, but important yeah.” Shrugging, Yuta tried to play it cool, like it wasn’t much of a deal when in reality, SiCheng was the most important person in his whole world.


“Awe Yuta. You’re important too.” SiCheng kissed his forehead and Yuta blushed, caught by surprise at the kiss. Why did he have to be so affectionate. It was killing him.


“Hey SiCheng…” Taking a deep breath, Yuta turned slightly to face his friend, wanting desperately to just confess his feelings already.


“Yeah?” The slight smile playing across his lips was so perfect that Yuta couldn’t help but chicken out, not wanting to jeopardize the friendship he cherished so much.


“Never-mind…” Sighing, suddenly feeling very grumpy with himself, Yuta crossed his arms over his chest and pouted slightly. “Forget about it.”


“Okay? Confused, SiCheng poked at his side gently before he slowly began to tickle his side. “Get over here!” Pulling Yuta closer, SiCheng went into a full on tickle attack, causing Yuta to shriek in laughter and squirm in his arms.


“SiCheng no~” Struggling to free himself and gasping out words between giggles, Yuta slapped lightly at the hands attacking him. He knew that SiCheng was aware of how helpless tickles made him.


“Tell me, Yuta!” Demanding, SiCheng tickled him more intensely, coming face to face with Yuta as he turned and strained to get free. Their lips were barely apart and Yuta felt his heart skip a beat and a knock sounded on his door.


“Stop stop stop~” Yuta begged as he untangled himself from his friend’s arms. “Pizza’s here!”


“I’ll get it, you get drinks from the kitchen?” Standing up, SiCheng helped Yuta to his feet and headed toward the door.


“Deal.” Nodding, Yuta scrambled to the kitchen, appreciative to have a moment to collect his thoughts and slow his heartbeat back to a normal level.


“Hey Yuta!” SiCheng called out to him as he sat the pizza down on the kitchen counter, capturing Yuta around the waist with his arm in one fluid motion.


“Yeah?” Heart racing, Yuta leaned his back against SiCheng’s chest, closing his eyes as he tried to stay calm under the current situation.


“I love you, brat. Just be my boyfriend already.” SiCheng’s words took him by surprise and Yuta pulled away slightly so he could face his friend.


“Seriously?” Cautious, Yuta looked him over for any sign that he may be getting pranked to some degree, or perhaps that he was just hallucinating.


“I’ve never been more serious.” Shrugging, SiCheng gave him a bright smile and held his hips gently. “I’m asking you out for real, Yuta.”


“It’s about time you asked!” Throwing his arms around SiCheng’s neck, Yuta pulled him into a deep kiss. Relieved he wasn’t the one that had to make the final move, he had never been happier in his whole life. Years of bottled up emotions were finally reciprocated and, at long last, SiCheng was his.

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