The Head Hazer

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Jeon Wonwoo is a devil head hazer in hazing team. Or we can say he needs to be 'devil'. 

Kim Mingyu is a freshman in Engineering School. 

So, what happens when Kim Mingyu did not agree with this head hazer and they start to have a fight? 



inspired by thai-drama SOTUS, originally from novelist Bittersweet. I used the original line-story, but not 100% the same with the original one. if you happen to know the drama/novel and feel like this story need to put down, let me know. I try my best already change some part of the story, but since I love the drama, I put this for meanie. 


Thank you. enjoy! this is my first fanfic anyway, and for sure English is not our language. so forgive me. 

Your encouragement is appreciated 

i hope u all like thisssss storyyyy :D
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