There She Was

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Chaeyeon was transfered from a prestigious dance academy to a normal highschool because the bullying got too much, she makes new friends, struggles through her coming of age and most importantly, she becomes infatuated with the mysterious and outcast, Miyawaki Sakura. 


So, there isn't enough Kkuchaeng fics out there, authors seriously need to hop onto this quality ship haha. I normally write a bulk of chapters and then upload them. I hope for this fic to last long and prove that these two dorks are worth writing about, by then, they'll be so popular. 

This is a romantic fanfic, I don't know why I have to say this but some people come to AFF looking for friendship stories and I'm afraid I only have one of those.

-Read with love and tell me what you think <3


So, those first 17 chapters were all written in 2018 so, in 2019, I hope that Kkuchaen will sail harder so I have even more motivation for more stories to come!
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