Fiddle (WenRene)

ReVel Minibook
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Finished: 3rd February 2018

It was boredom that drove Wendy to make crazy decisions, always. She was bored when she climbed the tree behind her childhood house before she fell and broke her arm. She was bored when she laid waiting for Irene in their room, hoping to surprise the older girl and got lucky but she ended up traumatizing poor, innocent Seulgi instead who was sent by Irene to call her out of the room and helped to carry stuffs out of the car.


She was bored when she plugged in her earphones and bopped her head to music, not caring about anxious Irene who was dragging her around the grocery store and now Irene was in her full Nag-Rene mode.


“Get those stupid earphones out and listen to me when I speak, Seungwan!”


Wendy pouted and fiddled with the hem of her oversized shirt. Usually Irene would cave in and gave in to whatever her girlfriend wanted when she pulled out her rare pouts but this time, she was too stressed out to baby Wendy.


“So is it kimchi Brand A or Brand B? Brand A is slightly sweeter than Brand B so you gotta remember for sure what mom likes!”


“I told you that I don’t know. Mom usually did all the cooking in Canada. I only learned how to cook after I came to Korea.”


Wendy was close to sobbing now. Irene had been super stressed out since Wendy’s parents called in and said they were going to spend their lunar new year in Korea with both Wendy and her girlfriend’s family, since they had never officially met each other yet. Irene

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