The Story of Us: Joohyun (WenRene)

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Joohyun was always cold.


It was not just her personality or her appearance, but she really did get cold easier than any of her members. Her hands were always freezing and in the peak of winter, she would tremble underneath her winter coat, silently cursing the long, cruel season that would always make itself known.


When she said that her ideal type was someone warm, she perfectly knew what she was saying, thank you very much.


She wanted someone whose temperature would counter hers, someone who would be able to hold her hands and wrapped their arms around hers, making her feel like the cold weather was a blessing than a curse.


It would be a bonus if said someone also had a warm personality, kind and selfless to everyone and not just to Joohyun.


What would make it better was if that someone could also cook warm meals, make hot chocolate with marshmallows as they served it to Joohyun with a knowing smile on their face - probably with a beautiful dimple at one side of their cheeks.


Maybe she just wanted to describe Seungwan with her short answer.




Joohyun was all too aware that Sooyoung was upset at her. She saw it in the way Sooyoung wrapped her arms around Seungwan when the main vocalist was alone.


The way Sooyoung looked at her these days seemed like she was saying a big " you" to Joohyun.


She laughed sometimes when she was alone, despite herself. She was the idiot that took everything for granted, too blind to see that as she was slowly falling out of love, there was someone else slowing falling in love.


But was she really all out of love?


Joohyun walked over to her desk and pulled the top drawer, taking a small box out. There was a worn out blue post-it on top of the box, still intact just like the day she first received it.


The word 'For: Unnie~❤️' that was written brought a small smile to her face.

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