ReVel Minibook

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Short, cliché drabbles inspired by pictures and songs. Come in with no expectation and you won't be disappointed, I hope. Most of the stories are WenRene, you have been cautioned.



I need to practice my writing to be honest, so I come up with this. Comments and criticisms will be very welcomed.

Some of the drabbles might be absorbed back into some of the projects I'm working on right now, though I can't say anything for sure.

WenRene won't be the OTP of these drabbles this time, I'll just write whichever pairings that inspire me. Enjoy :D



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Chapter 28: HAHAHAHA 😭 when you have a supportive girlfriend 😭
Chapter 12: Joohyun already moved on, I’m just puzzled why or how she acted like she never been there, didn’t she and Seungwan live there together or something? And yerim didn’t know Seungwan or their relationship even? Was their relationship kept hidden or something? This adds to my heartbreak even more.
Chapter 27: I need moreeeee, life a full blown novel of this please 🙏
Chapter 16: I uh …
Chapter 7: Welp…
morphine007 #6
Chapter 6: This short Wenseul just broke my heart.
Riscark 1192 streak #8
Chapter 21: I feel like half of wenrene authornim that wrote very good angst used to be taengsic author 😅
Awww. Soft spot for scent.
sadandlonely #10
Chapter 9: 😭😭