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It feels like it's been years since I have uploaded anything and I'm not sure if I can write in the nearest future, due to my mental health and newfound interests but I thought I would share a piece of writing I was working on before, a WenRene avatar au heavily inspired by LoK.


Let me know if you enjoy this, yeah? It might motivate me to write again or's been so long I don't even know. I miss reading the comments even if I don't reply often due to my social anxiety, please do know I appreciate them, always.



Joohyun wondered why they had to take a dragon to travel to the Southern Water Tribe, but clearly ex-Fire Lord Zuko loved theatrics. When her father had mentioned to him that Joohyun and Sooyoung could travel by ship, he had jumped in and coolly suggested that they take his dragon, Druk, to travel the continents. 


Even worse, he didn’t tag along with them, mentioning that he had to oversee the birth of Druk’s new sibling, so Joohyun and Sooyoung had to hop on Druk with Heechul, one of Zuko’s trusted aides who convinced them repeatedly that he knew what he was doing. 


Based on the way the dragon had been flying upside down for the past 30 minutes, Joohyun thought she had a reasonable excuse to doubt him. Also, her voice had gone hoarse for screaming for too long and if they didn’t reach their destination soon, she might just release her grip and fall into the sea. That might even be kindness at this stage. 


At least Heechul and Sooyoung seemed to be having fun, based on the way they were laughing and Sooyoung experimentally tried holding on to the dragon’s mane using just one hand and letting her free hand ‘feel the wind’. Joohyun knew she was capable of doing the same,  after all, they both had the same martial arts training but Joohyun was also sane and could have a tiny fear of height so she was practically paralyzed right now, holding on to the dragon for (literally) her dear life. 


Why did her father agree to this instead of the reliable method of travelling through modern transportations? What was the use of releasing all those patented Bae-vehicles if they were going to resort to a primitive way of travelling? Hell, Joohyun didn’t even want to come but her father was convinced that Sooyoung would get herself in trouble if no one supervised her and while Joohyun agreed with him, she wasn’t expecting that she would be the appointed guardian. 


It would be a change of view, they said, a breath of fresh hair for her instead of being cooped in the office all the time. They didn’t say anything about being dropped from 50-feet high. 


At this point, Joohyun was shivering from the cold wind and from holding on for too long when she heard Heechul shouted. 

“We’re here!”


“Oh!” Sooyoung laughed, delighted. “Look! The others have arrived and they’re sparring with the avatar!” 


Joohyun risked looking down, despite everything within her screaming not to and Sooyoung was right, she could see flying rocks and a high

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