She's Got Me Swingin'

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Dahyun has finally joined the school's baseball team but many obstacles stand in her way towards becoming the star player like her brother. And then there's Sana, the girl on the team who keeps sending her mixed signals, smirks, weird texts and a whole lot of confusion. Dahyun figured she might as well be the one behind the vandalism of team's uniforms...or the same person who stole her first kiss seven years ago. 




Hi! This is your local gay writer giving you gay fics. 
+ Keep your expectations really low...
+ I love Saida so much TAT




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Chapter 8: Why is Mina so aggressive 😭
taengoo_love9 #2
Chapter 1: Re-reading this as I wait for your new story to be updated 🤭 love this fic too
Mihyun101 #3
Chapter 15: Is Sooyeon Jessica here? Cos like yk, ms taeyeon is taengoo Ahahsbhshs
Chapter 18: Enjoyed reading this, it was so good. ♥️
i had to comeback to upvote this fic <3
Chapter 18: This is so good authornimm!!!!
reader9300 #7
Chapter 18: Good story
jaspiiir #8
Chapter 18: Never a dull moment! Very well written AHHH I enjoyed this???? THANK YOU!!
I can't believe you have a SaiDa fic!!! I was so focused with your YoonYul fics (god I miss them so much), I wasn't even aware about the existence of this gem. They're my OTP in Twice so I'm really excited to read this. :D