Chapter 01

For Better or For Worse
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Miyoung and Jaebum sat at the table in silence.

“Did the doctor check?”

Miyoung nodded. “Multiple times. Same results.”

Jaebum closed his eyes. He couldn’t believe what he had done.



Three months before...

“Yeobo.” Mrs. Im said as she laid in bed next to her husband. “I don’t think Jaebum and Miyoung are trying.”

“What are you saying?” Mr. Im turned to his wife.

“They been married for years, but there is no activities. It been years”

Mr. Im sighed. “They say they are letting nature take its course. You can’t rush these things.”


“Aiya.” Mr. Im rubbed his wife’s shoulder. “Let the kids do their things.”

Due to Mrs. Im instruction, the maid slip something in Jaebum and Miyoung’s drink before bed. Miyoung had gotten out of the shower, still wrapped around a towel, the maid gave her a glass of water before she proceeded to the bedroom to grab her clothes. Jaebum drank his drink slightly beforehand.

Soon, they felt hot and lose control of their cognitive skills. Jaebum wrapped his arm around Miyoung’s waist and started kissing her neck. Miyoung moved her fingers around his neck and hair. He unwrapped her, pushed her onto the bed, took off his shirt and got on top of her. Starting from the neck, he proceeded down her body. He took off his pants and their skin touched. Passionately, he kissed her. She returned.

The next morning, they both woke up, not remembering what happened the night before. Only thing they know was that they were no longer friends.



“Omma!” a little boy, about 4, ran up to Rahee. He hugged her legs. “I miss you.”

Rahee squat down to him. “I miss you too baby.” She hugged him tightly. “How was America

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