Chapter 02

For Better or For Worse
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Rahee settled back in her old apartment. She didn’t bring Dongho with her as Dongho wanted to see Europe with Mark. She walked through the place and everything was pretty much the same. Nothing has changed much. Miyoung sure kept this place clean.


The door opened, and Miyoung came rushing in giving Rahee a tight hug. “I miss you sooooo much!”


Rahee laughed. “You still haven’t changed. I miss you too!” She broke through the hug. “Have you been good?”


Miyoung nodded like a child. “Except now I have to help my brother manage the company. Adulting !.”


Again, Rahee laughed until she saw Jaebum at the door. He greeted her and welcomed her back.


“How have you been these past years?” He asked.


Rahee shrugged her shoulder. “Good I guess. I learnt a lot.”


“You have to tell me all about France.” Miyoung grabbed Rahee’s hand and sat them down at the couch. “Was the guys hot there, like model hot?


Wait, was the environment romantic like how they make it in the movies? Did you travel a lot?”...


“Uncle Mark!” Dongho yelled out. “Do you think mommy will like this?” Dongho picked up a cute little butterfly hairpin.


“I’m sure whatever you choose, she will love.” Mark replied smiling. He then saw a crescent moon necklace. It reminded him of Miyoung when they were young. Miyoung had always had a liking towards the crescent moon because it makes her feel calm.


Miyoung had decided that she will go to the store to buy a few things to cook for Rahee. She left Jaebum and Rahee alone in the apartment.


“How was France?”


Rahee sat at couch next to him. “Good. Wonderful place.”


“I missed you.”


Rahee nodded. “I did too.”


Jaebum twisted his body around to face her. “You know you’re the only one in my heart right?”


“Let’s not talk about that anymore.”


She got up to go to the kitchen. He stood up and grab her arm.


“Believe me.”


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