Chapter 01

Unfamiliarity :: Tsundere
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Beep Beep. Beep Beep. Beep Beep.

“ugh!” Miyoung scretched her arm out and shut the alarm.

Another 10 minute late the alarm rang again. Beep Beep. Beep Beep. Beep Beep.

“ugh! Fine! I’ll get up!” Miyoung shut her alarm. With one eye open and one eye closed, she made her way to the bathroom. On the way, she walked past her roommate, Oh Rahee, who was making breakfast.

“About time you work up. Thought you were going to skip the first day of sophomore.” Rahee said casually. “Hurry up and get ready. Breakfast will be ready soon.”


Acting Class 101

“Yah yah! Miyoung!” a girl named Somin yelled across the room. She signal for Miyoung to sit next to her.

As Miyoung made her way, she walked past a new kid she doesn’t recognize. “Oh, you’re new here? Haven’t seen you around in this department.”

The boy didn’t say anything and continue to concentrate on his book.

Miyoung shrug and went to sit next to her friend, Somin.


Musical Studies 101

Rahee laid out her books and pens neatly, placed her bag underneath her seat, and sat up straight.

“Rahee.” A girl named Lani called out.


Lani inhale then exhale deeply. “There is apparently 7 new boys attending our school today.”

“And? So?”

“One of them is Im Jaebum.” Lani said carefully.

“Oh. Okay.” Rahee didn’t care who the new kids are. Her main purpose is to be the top of her class.

“Does that no

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Hi all! I apologize for haven't been updating on this story. Life has been quite hectic, but I'll be updating more often now and will finish this story out by the end of the year. Thank you for your patience and continuing to read.
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