Chapter 11

Unfamiliarity :: Tsundere
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Morning has arrived. Everyone, except for Miyoung, was still asleep. As she was getting some fresh air, she heard someone walking behind her. Before she could turn around, his arm wrap around her waist.

“Stay still. Just give me a few minutes.” He hugged her tightly.

She recognized that voice. It was Mark.


“Just give me a few minutes.”

Miyoung broke away from his embrace. “Are you drunk at this time?”

“I haven’t been more sober than I am today.” Mark grabbed Miyoung hands. “All these years, I tried. I tried to hide my feelings for you. Because you were my best friend. I was afraid of losing you.”

“What? Losing me? What?”

“If I confessed. That’s why I pretend to be a playboy. I thought if I dated different girls, they would help me erase my love for you.”

Miyoung was even more confused now than ever.

“Miyoung-ah. What I’m trying to say is… I love you.” Mark expressed himself. “I just didn’t want to regret not telling you what was inside my heart.”

“Mark…I---I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything.” Mark pulled her in closer and gave her a tight hugged.

Jaebum came inside the girls’ tent to find Rahee by herself.

“Oh sorry. I thought Miyoung was here.”

“She’s not. But…can we talk?” Rahee walked up to him. “Listen, I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting. I know that you or Miyoung didn’t decide the marriage. It’s just…I wasn’t thinking clearly.”

Jaebum hugged Rahee. “Life isn’t fair. If I could choose, I rather not be an Im. That way I can freely be with the one I want.”

Rahee broke away from the hug. “Treat her well.”

It has been a few days since MT with everyone. Finals and performances are coming up. Everyone was anxious and working harder than ever.

“Jinyoung, let’s talk.” Miyoung lead him to the back of the staircase. “I appreciate your affections for me, but I honestly don’t feel that way.”

“Let me ask you something then. Is it Mark?”

“What?” Miyoung asked. “What about Mark?”

“The one in your heart…Is it Mark?”

“What? No. No one is in my heart. All I want to focus on is my studies. I don’t have time to think about relationships.”

Jinyoung nodded his head. “You know. From an outsider perspective, you and Mark don’t seem just like friends.” With that he left her alone.

Professor Yoo ended her lecture. “The play is in 3 days everyone. We want this to be perfect!”

Miyoung and Rahee decided to meet up at the coffee shop near the school. The two haven’t spoken with each other since the day Miyoung moved out.

“I’m sorry.” The two said at the same time.

“No I’m sorry”. Again, in unison.

The girls laughed it off.

“I’m sorry for my

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