Chapter 08

Unfamiliarity :: Tsundere
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Rahee was in the kitchen cooking a storm as Miyoung had her eyes widen.

What the is going on tonight? Miyoung silently thought as she looked on. The dining table had enough food to feed an entire village plus extra. Food just kept coming and coming.

“Uhm. Rahee?”


As Jaebum opened his bedroom door, his mouth was sitting on his bed waiting for him.

“My son.” Mrs. Im sweetly said as she went in for a hug.


“Why do you have such long face?”

Jaebum went to his desk. “Nothing. Just tired.”

“I see.” Mrs. Im sat back down on the bed. “Anyways, I’m here to discuss something with you.”

Hah. Discuss. Jaebum thought.

“Jaebum, my son, I think it’s time for you to get marry.”

Jaebum stared at his mother.

“Your father and I have been talking and you are now at the age for it.”

Jaebum continued to listen.

“The Kang’s family youngest daughter is about your age.”

“And if I refuse?”

Mrs. Im scuffed. “You know the rules.”

Miyoung phone rang. ID: Father.

“Ugh!” Miyoung grumbled. She ignored his call.

Again, the phone rang, and again, she ignored it. This continued to happen for a few minutes before Rahee answered on behalf of Miyoung.

“I will let her know sir.” Rahee hung up.

“Dad say Friday you are to have dinner with him.”

Miyoung scuffed. As if it will be him. Let’s see who is the unlucky bastard.


Friday came around and it was costume fitting day. As everyone was in their stage outfits, Rahee stood as far away from Jaebum as she could. That was until Professor Yoo made them stand next to each other as she gave out instructions and looking at everyone with their outfits to make sure the fit was proper.

“Everyone but Im Jaebum and Oh Rahee are dismissed.”

Jaebum and Rahee sat down at the audience chairs with 4 seats in between them.

Professor Yoo stared at them. She could sense something was in the air.

“We have 2 months left before performance. I will not let this show become a laughing-stock. So either you two work out ya’ll problems. Or I will have both understudies replace you both. You decide.”

Jaebum and Rahee looked at each other briefly befor

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