Chapter 06

Unfamiliarity :: Tsundere
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“Miyoung-ah!” Mark ran to her. “Want to grab a snack after school?”

“Sure, but it is going to have to be after rehearsal with Jinyoung.”

“Where are you guys rehearsing at?”

“The theatre since it will be empty.”

“I’ll pick you up there then.”


At Rahee & Miyoung’s apartment, Jaebum saw down at the table while drinking some coffee.

Rahee took a deep breath before she turned around to sit across from him. “How shall we do this? Ask questions or just write everything down on a piece of paper?”

“Your favorite color?”



“Favorite thing to drink?” Rahee guessed it would be coffee, but just in case.


“Same. Prefer black.”


Rahee paused for a moment. “Singing.”

“Singing & acting.” Jaebum gave his answer.


[[Scene Rehearshal]]

Jinyoung leaned his face in and kissed Miyoung. Her eyes widen. She noticed how soft and moist his lips were. How warm they were. His arm suddenly wrapped around her waist; her eyes naturally closed and arms wrapped around him.

At the entrance door, Mark stood there with his eyes widen in disbelief. Why is my heart hurting? He turned around and left.

The two broke up from their kiss and were silent for a moment.

“I---“ Jinyoung spoke up. “Mianhae.”

Miyoung shook her head. “We were just following the script.”

Jinyoung looked at Miyoung. Not like that though.


[[Text Message between Mark & Miyoung]]

Miyoung: Where are you?

Mark: Sorry, I’m not feeling well. Let’s reschedule.

Miyoung: You were perfectly fine earlier today.

Mark: Sorry.

Miyoung: Okay. Take some drugs and get some rest.


“I think we can end it here today.” Rahee said as she stood up to clean the cups at the sink.

“I’ll help.”

Rahee turned around and accidently kissed Jaebum. “Mi-mianhae.”

Jaebum didn’t say anything except looking her in the eyes. Rahee was about to back up when Jaebum suddenly grabbed her waist and planted a deep kiss on her. Rahee couldn’t think of an

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