Chapter 16

Unfamiliarity :: Tsundere
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With everyone knowing that there was only one more night until the wedding, they decided to have a final outing at a cabin. As they settled in, Bambam and Jackson started to grill the meat while Youngjae and Yugyeom got the drinks ready. Mark, Jinyoung and Jaebum set the table.

“Food is ready!” Jackson could be heard all the way from outside to upstairs.

The girls ran downstairs and out to the yard. They inhaled the smell of grilled meat.

“Whoa whoa… hold up ladies. Let it cool for a bit.” Jackson said.

Rahee and Miyoung gave him the death stare.

“You should never ever stop a lady from eating. That is when she is the most vulnerable.” Miyoung said as she proceeded to grab a piece of ribs. “Ah! Hot hot hot hot hot!” She dropped it on a plate.

Mark grabbed her fingers and blew at it. “You never learned do you? Since young till now.”

“But food.” Miyoung pouted. “I’m hungry.”

Rahee laughed. She knows how much obsession Miyoung has with food. If she could marry food, she will.
As everyone digged into the food and happily ate and drank away, Rahee looked around. If only times can freeze right now…


After cleaning up, everyone chilled in the living room. Bambam, Yugyeom, Youngjae on the floor laying down; Jinyoung, Mark, and Jaebum on the couch; the girls were at the breakfast bar.

“Will things change between all of us?” Bambam asked seriously.

“How so?” Jaebum asked.

Bambam thought for a moment. “Mark hyung is leaving in a few days. Jaebum hyung, you and Miyoung unnie will be…”

The room atmosphere got dimmed. They know once tomorrow comes, things will change. Miyoung and Jaebum will officially be a married couple.

Mark smiled and got up. He hold up a beer can. “To Jaebum and Miyoung. May you both be happily ever after.”

Jaebum and Miyoung smiled. It wasn’t a happy smile, but rather a satisfied smile. At this point, what can really be done?

Rahee hold up her can also. “Miyoung and Jaebum. May you two have lots of kids together.”

She drank the can, and soon Mark followed. Everyone followed af

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