Chapter 09

Unfamiliarity :: Tsundere
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“Appa” Miyoung whined. “Please. I don’t want to~” She was doing all sort of puppy face.


Mr. Kang put down his newspaper. “No.”

“Appa~~~~~~~~~~~~” Miyoung whined even more. “Wae?”


“No is no.”


“Miyoung-ah.” Mrs. Kang sweetly said to her daughter. “We love you. We only want the best for you.”


“B-b-b-but. Omma. Jebal!”


“Kang Miyoung!.” Mr. Kang exclaimed as he slammed his hand on the dining table. “It seem we have spoiled you too much.”


Miyoung was quiet.


“If the Im’s son isn’t the best. Who is?”

Miyoung didn’t answered. She has no answers.


“Don’t tell me that friend of yours…Mark Tuan.”


“Appa. Mark & I are just friends.” Miyoung defended him. “Plus he isn’t that bad. Sure he is a playboy at times, but he is really nice, sweet, caring, and considerate.”


“Sweety. I know Mark is your best friend.” Mrs. Kang intervened. “We have no problems with who you want to be friends with. However, when it comes to marriage, it is best to listen to us.”


“Omma. I really don’t want to get marry yet. There are still a lot of things for me to accomplish.”


“You can accomplish them even after marriage.” Mr. Kang sternly said. “It has been decided. Your engagement with Im Jaebum will be announced at the end of the month at the party.”


Mr. Kang left the room.


The 7 boys occupied the biggest room at the coffee shop.


“Are we too mean to be taking this room?” Youngjae asked.


“Hah! Nope.” Bambam stuff his face with some crepe. “We have a big crowd here. Plus I invited Rahee unnie and Miyoung unnie. They should be here soon.”


The door opened, and the two entered.


“Unnies! I saved ya’ll seats.” Bambak happily said.

“Thanks.” Rahee sat next to Jaebum as Miyoung was between Mark and Jinyoung but across from Jaebum.

“I’ll go get ya’ll drinks.” Bambam and Yugyeom went out.

Jackson sense the air was weird and casually excused himself to the toilet, pulling along Youngjae.

Rahee noticed Jaebum stare at Miyoung. Mark and Jinyoung also notice.

“So, how was everyone morning?” Miyoung broke the silence. She reached in front of Jaebum for a piece of fruit.

Mark cleared his throat. “Kinda boring. That was until you two ladies showed up.”

Rahee laughed. “Oh really? Well, I didn’t do anything. Just stayed home until Miyoung got back.”

“Where did you go?” Jinyoung asked.


“Oh, how are Mr. and Mrs. Kang?” Mark asked. It has been a while since he have seen them.

“Same as usual. Haven’t kicked the bucket yet.”

“Miyoung.” Rahee said. “Don’t say that about your parents.”

“Kidding. They are fine. I just had to talk to them about some things. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a successful talk.” Miyoung hinted to Jaebum the answer.

The other guys got back and placed the girls’ drinks in front of each.

“What were ya’ll talking about? Seem lively.” Jackson asked.

“Nothing.” Jinyoung said. “We should pay Miyoung’s family a visit.”

“Ooh. Yes” Bambam agreed. “Can we?”

Miyoung hesitated.

“Aren’t your family having a party at the end of this month?” Rahee remembered she got the invite a few days ago.

“Party?” Bambam danced in his seat. “We are invited aren’t we unnie?”


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