☆First Night☆

Star in the Mist

After a long night of dancing, you and Woohyun were finally ready to leave the reception. You knew Woohyun was a little tipsy for the alcohol. However, he managed to get to the limo that was waiting for you two. 
You waited for Woohyun to enter first, but he stopped and signal you to get in first. 
You quickly turned around and looked at the crowd behind you guys. 
You gave them a nervous laugh, hoping that they understood you somehow. 
Woohyun laughed and nodded along with the crowd's request. 
You looked at him, shocked, when you saw him smiling and nodding along. 
"Honey, come here!" Woohyun said. 
You gave him a nervous laugh. 
Woohyun grabbed your hand and pulled you into his arm; one of your hands on his chest and the other wrapped around him. 
"W-woohyun," you called his name, hoping to get some sense into him. 
Woohyun looked at you and smiled.

Before you could stop him, Woohyun leaned in and pressed his lip against yours. Your eyes widened. 
My first kiss!
Woohyun pulled away and smiled at you, then he waved to the crowd. 
You were still in shock. Your heart raced, and you felt the tingles in your stomach.

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
You sat in the limo quietly, looking outside, as Woohyun clsoed his eyes. 
My first kiss. MY FIRST KISS!! AISH!
You upsettingly thought.
My first kiss. JUST LIKE THAT?

Woohyun opened his eyes and looked at you. You felt him looking at you, so you looked over. 
"Are you okay?" You asked him. 
"You're so pretty!" He smiled.
Woohyun then moved closer to you and laid his head on your lap. 
You gently shook him by the shoulder, hoping that it would wake him up. 
You tried again, but he did not budge. 
You took a deep sigh. 

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
The divider opened, revealing Mr. Kim. Mr. Kim looked over his shoulder to you. 
"You guys are home," he smiled. 
"Thank you, Mr.Kim," you thanked. 
"Let me help you get Woohyun inside," Mr. Kim chuckled. 
"Thank you so much!" You laughed along. Mr. Kim opened Woohyun's side and pulled him out.
You got out and walked ahead of Mr. Kim to open the door. 
"Mr. Kim, you can put him on the couch. I don't think he'll make it upstairs," you joked. 
"No problem!" 
Mr. Kim laid Woohyun on the couch while you stood behind the couch. 
"Thank you so much, Mr. Kim. Good night!" 
Mr. Kim bowed and wished you the same. 

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
You took a sigh of relief, after locking the door. You walked back to the living room to see Woohyun still in the same position as Mr. Kim had left him. You walked around the couch to take off his shoes. 
"Should I just leave you here?" You whispered, thinking if it was a good idea or not. 
"Sorry, you'll be sleeping here tonight," you apologized. 
Just before you could take another step, Woohyun sat up, scaring you. 
You held onto your chest. You looked at Woohyun, examining him. 
"Are you okay? Do you feel better? Can you walk upstairs?" You asked him. 
Woohyun stood up, standing only a few inches away from you. 
You became nervous. 
He's drunk. In the movies, if the guy is drunk...
You stopped your thoughts. 
No, this is real life.
"Tonight's our first night, right?" 
You were confused with his question. 
"Shouldn't we do anything to celebrate our first night?" He asked. 
He's not thinking it. No, no, no!
As you're speaking to yourself through your thoughts, Woohyun suddenly carried you bridal-style, startling you. 
"Woohyun, put me down. I can walk." You told him. 
"No, it's our first night," he winked. 
"Hey, you're drunk. Can you walk? It's okay. Put me down," you begged him, giving him a pleading look.
"No can do, Mrs. Nam," he gave you a smile, before he started walking to the stairs.
"Woohyun, put me down," you begged him. 

"See, we're already upstairs,"Woohyun proudly celebrated. You looked behind him to see that you two were, in fact, at the top of the stairs. 
"Okay, can you put me down now?" 
"No, we have to go to the bedroom first." 
Are the dramas telling the truth? 
You started questioning. 
"It's okay! I have to use the bathroom. You can put me down here," you lied. 
"Then, let's both go to the bathroom," Woohyun suggested. 
"No, no, no! Let's go to the bedroom then." 
Woohyun smiled and proceeded to go to the master's bedroom. 

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
Woohyun placed you on the bed. 
"Thank you," you smiled, backing away a few inches. 
"Where are you going?" Woohyun asked, as he noticed you backed away. 
"Huh?" You stopped. 
"Are we not going to ----" 
You stopped him from saying what you thought he was going to say. 
"W-woohyun, sleep. Let's sleep, okay?" 
Woohyun took off his blazer and slowly hovered over you. 
"Woohyun, what-what are you doing?" You asked him, feeling nervous. Your heart paced quicker, and your breathing became unsteady. 
"What married couples are supposed to do." 
You were completely under Woohyun now. 
Your body paralyzed on the spot. The more you wanted to say something, the words didn't come out. Woohyun slowly leaned in, making you shut your eyes tightly, holding your breath. 

You opened your eyes. 
"Woohyun?" You whispered. 
"Woohyun," you said a little louder this time. 
Woohyun passed out on top of you; his head snuggled right on your shoulder. 
You shook him, in hopes that it would wake him up. No luck. 
With all your strength, you rolled him off of you. 
You looked over your shoulder to see his sleepy face, making you smile. 
"You're totally different," you whispered. 
Just as you were about to get up, Woohyun grabbed your wrist, pulling you back on the bed next to him. 
"Woohyun, you're still awake? Go to sleep." 
"Stay," Woohyun said with his eyes still closed, wrapping his arm around your waist, spooning you. 
Woohyun had pulled you so close to him, your cheeks flushed pink. 
With no strength left to fight him, you slowly fell into deep sleep.

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
The sun piercing through the curtain woke you up, as you tried opening your eyes. Before you could finish your stretch, you remembered that you and Woohyun had slept on the same bed last night. You jolted up and searched him, as you noticed he wasn't sleeping next to you. 
"Where did he go?" You whispered. You got off the bed and walked to the bathroom. 
Maybe he's in the bathroom. 
You thought. You grabbed onto the doorknob without realizing that he was on the other side ready to open the door. 
Your eyes widened when you saw his shirtless body, only a towel covering his lower half. 
"AHHHHHH!" You screamed, covering your eyes, startling Woohyun.
He quickly grabbed the bathrobe that was hanging behind the door and covered himself. 
Woohyun opened the door and saw your back facing him, as you were still in your wedding dress. 
"Are you okay?" He asked, drying his hair. 
"Are-Are you covered?" You stuttered, hands still covering your eyes. 
"I am. You can turn around," he chuckled. You removed your hands away and slowly turned around, peeking first, before you fully turned to face him.
"I'm sorry," he laughed, "I didn't realize you were behind the door." 
"No, it's my fault. I should have knocked first," you scratched the back of your head. 
"Did you need something?" He asked, holding his towel. 
"Oh, no. I---" 
Wait, what did I need from him?
You asked yourself. 
"I...was just wondering where you went. That's all," you embarrassingly told him. 
Woohyun nodded along 
"You should go freshen up," he smiled. 
"Yes, I should," you said. 
"The towels are in the bathroom in the closet next to the door." 
"Thank you." 
Before you entered the bathroom, Woohyun stopped you. 
"--------," he called out. 
You turned around. 
"I...didn't do anything to you last night, right?" He asked, feeling a little uneasy.
"No, no, no! Nothing happened last night," you quickly waved your hand, assuring him that nothing happened. 
Woohyun didn't say anything, besides a nod and a small smile.

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
You walked out of the bathroom, looking around the room only to realized that Woohyun wasn't in the room. You walked downstairs, drying your hair. 
You walked into the kitchen and saw Woohyun cooking something. 
Woohyun looked over his shoulder and smiled when he saw you. 
"Good morning!" He greeted. 
The weird thing was that you weren't used to someone cooking for you. 
"Woohyun-ah, I can do it." 
You walked over next to him. 
"It's okay! I got it," he replied, as he continued to stir the soup he was cooking. 

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
You guys sat across from each other. 
"Thank you for breakfast," you thanked him. 
"It's okay," he chuckled.

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
You guys ate in silence. 
Woohyun looked up from his plate. 
You looked up from your plate this time. 
"You know, I'm sorry about last night," he began. 
Does he remember the.....kiss? 
You thought, as you continued to listen to him. 
"You must have been uncomfortable. Did you get a good sleep?" 
Thank God!
"I did get a good sleep, so don't worry about it," you chuckled, "We both slept soundly, so nothing happened." 
You wanted to emphasize that part. 
"Anyway, I'm still sorry about that. Hopefully, it doesn't happen again," Woohyun laughed.

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

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hakimmj #1
Chapter 21: So many things happen and finally we got their sweet moments together. So happy for woohyun. Aish, with jihyun coming then bigger problem may arise. Thanks for the update!;)))
hakimmj #2
Chapter 20: Hopefully their misunderstand can unveil. I want them to be happy;(((
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Chapter 18: Hopefully they can be honest with each other. Their relationship becoming so cold and feel sad for them. Can't wait to know what happen after this.
Chapter 14: Hi Author Inspirit_07!!

I really miss reading this story..and the person that grandmother was talking about most likely is Woohyun..he is so sweet smiling like that in that gif!!

⋆。°✩ starfan24 ⋆。°✩
hakimmj #6
Chapter 17: Arghhh! Just enjoying their moments together. But if woohyun know, then their relationship will change ;((
Hoping that she can be strong
Chapter 13: Hi Author Inspirit_07!

I feel so bad for the main character..everyone just wants her husband and not her..not even caring about her feelings either..

Thank you for the shoutouts!! I did not realize you did it the last chapter also!! It made my day, thank you!! I hope you have a star day!!

⋆。°✩ starfan24 ⋆。°✩
Chapter 13: Hoping Woohyun will be more expressive and understanding towards his wifeee, so she can be confident enough to lead her life without millions doubts on herself!!
Chapter 12: hi author Inspirit_07!

oofs!!another cliffhanger!!i wonder what type of contract she was forced to sign..i feel so bad for her..it seems like she cannot catch a break at all..first her stepfamily and now this jihyun girl..

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