Star in the Mist

Ring! Ring! Ring!
Your eyes shot opened. You panickingly sat up and grabbed your alarm clock, turning it off. You rubbed your eyes and looked across from you. Through your transparent curtains, you saw the sun slowly rose. Just before you could even get up, you heard a knock at the front door.
"Who's here so early?" You whispered.
You walked out of your room and to the front door. 
You saw a man in a black suit in front of the door.
"Can I help you?" You asked him. Behind the man, you saw a black limo parked in front the house. 
"Is -------shi home, by any chance?" 
You were a little confused. 
"I'm -------." 
The man smiled. 
"Good morning, Ms.------shi. I was instructed to come pick you up by Madam Nam." 
"E-excuse me?" 
What for?
You thought. 
"I will be escorting you this morning to the venue," he smiled. 
The wedding!!
You suddenly remembered. 
"Right now?" You asked. 
He gave you one nod and smiled. 
"Let me go tell my mom first," you told him. 
"Don't worry about that. Madam Nam has already spoken to her," he smiled. 

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
You sat in the back of the limo as the man drove. 
"If you need anything, feel free to press the button on your right," he smiled at you through the rear mirror. 
"Thank you," you replied, then he closed the divider. You looked outside. The city wasn't awake yet. You slowly looked down to yourself and realized that you weren't even dressed. You quickly touched your hair. 
"Aish," you mumbled under your breath. You looked down to your shoes, only to realized you had on a pair of sandals. 
This is so embarrassing. 
You thought. 
Wait, why am I stressed out this? I'm getting marry. 
You distracted your own thoughts. Now, you were actually stressed about the wedding. The more you thought about it, the more nervous you got.
It's okay! I'm okay! Everything is going to be okay.
You assured yourself. 

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──

Before you knew it, the man had pulled up to the venue. 
"I'll drop you off here, Ms.--------" He said, after he opened the divider. 
"Thank you so much!" 

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
You looked at the tall hotel, then you proceeded in. You were greeted by the staffs who lined up along the sides, waiting for you. You smiled and bowed back to them. At the end of the path, there was a middle-aged lady. She bowed and smiled.
"Good morning Ms. -------. I am Kim Aeri, and I will be helping you out today. We are so honored to be part of your big day," she greeted. 
You smiled and thanked her. 
"Please follow me up stairs, so we can get started," she smiled. 
"Thank you!" 
You followed her up the stairs. 
Is Woohyun here?
You thought, before looking over your shoulders to see if he was behind you somehow. 
"Is there something wrong, Ms. -----?" Aeri asked. 
You turned back to her and shook your head. 
"Everything's fine," you smiled, assuring her. 
Maybe he's not here.
You assumed. 

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
You entered the room that was reserved for you. .
"Ms.------, you will be dressed in this room. I'll give you a few minutes to yourself," Aeri said, before walking out of the room. 
You took a deep breath and looked around the suite. You were in awed. Never once in your life you'd thought you would be in the room like that one. You walked to the balcony and slid open the door. You could see the Namsan Tower standing tall across from you. 

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
Before you knew it, your make-up was finished. 
"I've hung your dress in the bedroom. Whenever you're ready," Aeri smiled. 
You thanked the make-up and hair team, before they left. 
You walked into the bedroom and looked at the dress that was hung by the door. 
This is it. No turning back.
You thought. 

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
You sat in the bedroom in your wedding dress, waiting for Aeri to return.
As time passed, you became more nervous. 
Should I call it off? What am I going to say? Aish, what should I do?
You panicked. You heard a knock on the door. 
Am I really going to do this? 
You got up and turned around, only to see your stepmom and Daehi standing there. 
"Stepmom. Daehi." 
Their names were the only words you could say. 
Daehi rolled her eyes when she saw you in your wedding dress. Your stepmom scoffed.
You bowed to your stepmom. They both sat on the bed, while you stood off to the side. 
"Thank y-----"
"Let me speak," your stepmom interrupted.
She looked around the room, before she began. 
"Did you think I was going to let you off that easy?" Your stepmom asked. 
You were a little confused. 
"Did you forget that Woohyun belongs to Daehi?" Your stepmom asked, this time looking at Daehi, smiling.
You didn't know how to respond to her. 
Your stepmom pulled out a yellow envelope from her bag, then she took the papers inside the envelope out. She got up from her seat and walked closer to you. 
"Woohyun is Daehi's," she said, before throwing the papers on the dresser behind you. You looked at her, confused, before turning around to see what the papers were. 
You read each word stated on the two-page document. At the bottom of the second page, it asked for your signature. 
You were in disbelief. You turned back to look at your stepmom and Daehi, who were smirking at you. 
"What?" Your stepmom asked. 
"Stepmom, I-I can't sign this," you told her.
This time, Daehi got up from her seat and walked over to you.
"I thought you said you don't like him?" 
You looked back at Daehi, not breaking the eye contact. You wanted to stay strong. 
"...but that doesn't mean I have to sign this document, this contract," you responded. 
That was your first time talking back. Daehi roughly grabbed your arm. Just as she was about to pierce her nails into your skin, your stepmom stopped Daehi by pulling her away.
"Calm down, dear. I don't want you to waste your energy on someone who's lower than you." 
Daehi roughly threw your arm and threw a fit.
Your stepmom looked at you, scaring you a bit. 
"If you're so tough, test me," she said. 
She roughly grabbed the papers out of your hand. 
What does she mean?
You thought. 
Your stepmom and Daehi stepped out of the room.
You followed them out. 
"Stepmom." You called her, making her turn back to look at you. 
"You wanted it this way, so you'll get it. If you don't sign these papers, don't even think that I'll let you marry that boy," she warned. 
You thought for a while. 
 Just before your stepmom could take another step, you stopped her. 
"Stepmom, I'll...I'll sign the papers," you said. You knew you were going to regret those words. 
She smiled then turned around to look at you. Daehi did the same thing. 
"I thought you didn't?" Your stepmom mockingly asked. 
"I--I will...sign it, if you guys want me to."

You started doubting yourself and everything. 
Your stepmom walked to the living area and placed the papers on the coffee table. Daehi sat next to her mom, while they waited for you. 
You slowly turned around and walked to where they sat. 
Your stepmom placed a pen on the table and crossed her legs. 
"So, what are you waiting for? If you don't sign, I will object," she threatened again. 
You sat down and picked up the pen. You read the terms again and again.
You hovered the pen over the sign that said "signature." 
Daehi started to get annoyed by the amount of time you were taking. 
"Are you going to hurry up or what? You don't have to sign it. We aren't forcing you," she said, rolling her eyes as she crossed her arms. 
You looked up at her. 
"I'm sorry," you apologized. 
"As you should," she replied and then looked away. 
You looked back at the papers. 
You gripped on the pen hard. 
 I have to do this. 
You told yourself.
You took a deep breath, and then you signed the paper. The moment you lifted your hand away from the paper, Daehi snatched it. She looked at your signature and smiled. She looked back at you, as she handed her mom the document.
"Remember that no one forced you. You signed this on your own will," Daehi said looking at you with her piercing eyes. 
Daehi walked over to you and grabbed your arms again. 
"If you think about doing anything to him, don't say I didn't warn you."
Just before she could say another word, your mother-in-law walked into the room, surprising your stepmom and Daehi. 
"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you guys were in here," Mrs. Nam apologized.
Daehi quickly released your arm and pulled you into a hug. 
"I'm going to miss you so much. Don't forget that me and mom are still here. If you ever need anything, call us," Daehi faked it. She pulled back and looked at Mrs. Nam. 
"Hello, Mrs. Nam," Daehi greeted her. 
Woohyun's mom smiled at Daehi. 
"Don't worry, they won't live too far from us," Mrs. Nam comforted Daehi. 
"I'm just going to miss," Daehi looked at you,"my sister." 
You could only smile. Mrs. Nam looked at you in awed. 
"You're the most beautiful bride."
She walked over and hugged you.
"Thank you for taking care of Woohyun." 
She pulled away and smiled. 
"Thank you for accepting me," you responded. 

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
You stood behind the tall, white doors. You took a deep breath. 
Your heart was pacing so quickly, you could hear the rhythm of your heartbeat through your ears. 
"Are you ready?" 
You looked over your shoulder and saw Woohyun's dad. 
You bowed and smiled at him. 
"Hi, father-in-law!" You greeted him. 
"How did Woohyun get so lucky?" He asked, chuckling. 
You blushed a little. 
His dad walked next to you and offered you his arm. 
You smiled and linked your hand around his arm. 

Before you knew it, the doors opened, revealing Woohyun at the other end. He was in a simple black suit, waiting for you. 
You felt the butterflies in your stomach; your hand slighty trembled, making you hold onto Woohyun's dad a little tighter. 
His dad noticed and placed his other hand on top of yours. You looked at him and smiled. 
Woohyun's dad handed you to Woohyun. Woohyun's touch made everything feel okay. You took a step up and faced him. 
His smile was everything, and the sparks in his eyes made your heart race, though different this time.

You were lost in Woohyun's eyes that you tuned out the officiant's words. 
Woohyun looked at you, waiting for your answer. 
"Do you, Jung ------, take Nam Woohyun to be your lawfully wedded husband?" The officiant repeated. 
Woohyun gently squeezed your hands, snapping you out of your thoughts. 
"Do you, Jung ----- take Nam Woohyun to be your lawfully wedding husband?" The officiant repeated once more, looking at you. 
You looked at the officiant, then you looked back at Woohyun. 
"I do," you promised. 

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
"I pronounce you to each other, husband and wife," the officiant announced. 
"You may kiss your bride," the officiant smiled, looking at Woohyun. 
Your legs felt weak. You really didn't know what his next move was, even though you two discussed about it already. Your heart began beating quicker than before. You held onto your bouquet tightly, as you saw Woohyun leaned in. You were too nervous to look at him, so you closed your eyes. 
You felt his soft peck on your warm cheeks. You opened your eyes and saw him, smiling at you. He took your hand in his, and you both turned to face both families. 
You both walked down the aisle as the families along the side threw red rose petals into the air. 

─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
You and Woohyun walked outside to the back of hotel, where a garden stood. A few photographers who were ready to snap pictures of you two waited around the garden. 
Woohyun stopped and looked at you, making you confused and a little worried. 
"You look really beautiful," Woohyun complimented, making you blush. 
"Thank you," you smiled, "you look really handsome too." 
"I know we didn't share a personal vow inside, but I would like to give you mine," Woohyun started. 
You were a little shocked. You listened to him carefully. 
Woohyun looked down at your hands and held them both in his. Then, his eyes trailed back to yours. 
"I'm glad that I picked up your necklace that day. Looking back at it, I really think it was fate. Even though, we have hardly known each other, I will do my best every day to get to know you. I want you to know that whenever you're scared, you can hold my hands. When you're sad, I will be your shoulder. When you're down, I will be your strength. I promise I will take care of you. Thank you for accepting me to be your husband." 
Your eyes became teary. The thing was that you really didn't know what to say to Woohyun. 
"I don't know how I got so lucky to have met you. I promise I will try to be the best wife to you. Thank you for choosing me to be your wife," you smiled. 
You hesitated, thinking if you should do it.
You pulled Woohyun into a hug, wrapping both of your arms around his shoulders.
Woohyun was quite surprised by your hug. Though, he smiled and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him than ever.

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

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Chapter 14: Hi Author Inspirit_07!!

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