Star in the Mist

“So, your stepsister married the guy you love?” Her friend, Hana asked.
“I don’t want to talk about it,” Daehi heavily sighed, looking out the window.
“That’s messed up. I told you to be careful with her. I knew she was shady the moment I met her.”
“She’s always been like that. She always gets want she wants and my mom and I have to just it up.”
“Does she know you and Woohyun were a thing?” Hana asked, leaning across the table.
“Of course, she did,” Daehi lied.
Daehi came up with a story about her and Woohyun. A story, she wished was true, living in her imagination.
“She purposely married him. She wanted to hurt me and my mom,” Daehi said.
“That’s crazy. What about Woohyun?” Hana asked.
“He went along with her. Don’t worry though. ------- signed a contract with me and my mom.”
Hana’s eyes widened with curiosity.
“A contract?”
Daehi nodded her head.
“What does it state?”
“She only married him for his money. After that, she’s going to call it quit.
She said that after she pays off her debts, she’s going to leave him,” Daehi continued to write her story.
“Daehi, this sounds too crazy. Why aren’t you helping Woohyun? Put her in jail,” Hana suggested.
“No, I can’t get to him. It’s as if she’s done with black magic stuff with him. He won’t even look at me now.”
“Well, what if you bring the contract to him? Maybe it’ll snap him back.”
“No, I’ll let ------ have her fun. Once I expose her, Woohyun will be mine again,” Daehi smirked.
“You’re smart,” Hana complimented.

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───
She placed her phone down on the table. Eyes widened. Shocked from the sudden news.

-------- married Woohyun for his money? A contract?
Jihyun looked over her shoulder, revealing Daehi with Hana.
She turned back and smiled.
That’s how I’m going to win his heart back.
Jihyun celebrated.

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───

“You are my happiness,” Woohyun said, holding onto your hands.
A tear rolled down your cheek.
“I told you that even if you give me those papers, I will never sign them, not now, or ever,” Woohyun said.
“I should have just told you straight up and not let you stress about what happened that night.”
“No, don’t blame yourself. I just wanted to say sorry to you,” you apologized again.
Without wasting anymore time explaining, Woohyun pulled you into a hug, snuggling right on your shoulder.
“I’ve missed you,” he said.
You knew for sure that he felt your heart beat.
You slowly raised your arms up, wrapping them around his shoulders, snuggling right on his chest.
“I’ve missed you too,” you managed to mumbled, too shy to even say it him the right way.

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───​​​​​​​
After the short meeting, Woohyun walked out of the room, searching for you.

“Tired?” You asked.
Woohyun looked over his shoulder.
“No,” he smiled.
You smiled back at him. It was nice seeing his smile again.
His smile was a ray of sunshine, warmer and brighter than the Jeju sun.
“Hungry?” He asked.
You nodded your head.
Woohyun grabbed your hand, surprising you, as you felt an electric wave of shock throughout your body.
You remained as calm as possible, hoping that he didn’t feel what you felt.
You two walked down the street, feeling as free as possible.
You wanted the moment to last forever.
You looked over at him, admiring every inch of his face. His pointy nose. Dark brows. Long lashes. His shimmery brown eyes.
His pink lips that once touched yours. Thinking about that night gave you butterflies in your stomach.
“What are you looking at?” Woohyun teased.
You quickly looked away, embarrassed.
“No, I…I was looking at that shop,” you lied, pointing your face to a random shop, your cheeks flushed pink.
Woohyun smiled at your reaction.

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───​​​​​​​
After brunch, Woohyun took you around Jeju, being your personal tour guide for the rest of the day.

You forgotten the heaviness on your shoulder. It was as if it was just you and Woohyun alone.
Every word he spoke sounded like music to your ears. You wanted to hear his voice forever.
You two walked along the beach, each caring your own shoes, as the cool water splashed on both of your feet.
You swallowed your saliva, feeling nervous of what you were about to do.
You knew it was nothing you were going to regret, instead it would be a memory to you once you left.
“How was your day?” Woohyun asked, glancing over at you.
You slowly turned to look at him.
Aish, just do it! He did it earlier.
You thought.
You were distracted with your own thoughts, that you had not even heard his question.
Woohyun chuckled, “how was today? What would you rate my service?”
You thought for a second, “9/10.”
“9/10? How did I lose a point?” He asked. He took it very seriously.
You laughed, “I’m just playing. 10/10,” as you gave him a thumbs up.
He smiled, doing a cheer celebration with his fist like as he had hit the jackpot.

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───​​​​​​​
You two sat next to each other, watching the sunset, in silence, absorbing the moment together.
No words needed to be exchanged.
Without realizing, you slowly placed your head on his shoulder.
He smiled feeling your touch, then he placed his head on top of yours.
You lifted your head up, looking at him.
“Thank you for putting up with me,” he suddenly said.
You were a little confused.
“I’m still sorry for what I did. Don’t worry about Jihyun, okay? I married you because I see a future with you.”
He left you with no words to say.
“I promise you that I will be the best husband for you. If you ever doubt my love for you, I will remind you every single day,” Woohyun continued.
This time he slowly reached for your hand. You looked down, seeing your hand in his.
“If you want to know anything about me and Jihyun, I will tell you. I don’t want to hide anything from you.”
You involuntarily jumped on him, hugging him tightly.
“We don’t need to talk about her,” you said.
Woohyun wrapped his arms around your waist, tightly hugging you too.
“I know you’ve said your part. Again, I’m sorry for acting the way I did,” you apologized.
Woohyun pulled away from the hug.
“Don’t hide anything from me. You can trust me,” he smiled.
There. It hit you like a bus. You were hiding something from him. Something big. A contract.
You put on a smile and nodded your head.
“You can trust me too. I will understand."
The guilt was eating you up. It was catching you too soon.

Woohyun reached in his pocket, revealing a small black box.
He opened it up, revealing a simple diamond bracelet.
He held his other hand out, signaling you to give your hand to him.
“What is it for?” you asked, still confused with the sudden gift.
“It’s for you,” Woohyun said, as he clipped the bracelet on for you.
Your heart began beating faster.
He looked at the bracelet that was now secured to your wrist.
“Beautiful on you,” he said, looking at you.
“Thank you, Woohyun.”
As you two continued looking at the sunset, you were going to do it.
It's okay, right? We’re married. It’s okay.
You told yourself, discreetly taking a deep breath to calm yourself.
You felt the butterflies and your heart beating at an abnormal pace.
You turned to look at him; he was still looking at the sunset.
Without any more time thinking if it was right or wrong, you closed your eyes and leaned right into his cheek.
Your soft pink lips pressed themselves on his smooth cheek.
Woohyun’s eyes widened from your unexpected touch.
You quickly backed away, blushing a bright red.
You felt your heart coming out of your chest.
He grabbed your hand, catching your attention.
You wanted to say something to him, but nothing came out.
“If you wanted it, you could have said something,” he smirked, teasing you.
“N-no,” you stuttered.
“Should we go back to the hotel?” He questioned.
Wait, what?! What is he thinking?
You panicked inside.
Woohyun leaned in towards you.
You did what your body wanted you to do, paralyzed on the spot.
“Is that a yes?” His handsome face was a few inches away from yours.
Your breathing became unsteady, but did he notice it?
Woohyun backed away and laughed.
You snapped out, feeling embarrassed and shy.
“I’m just playing with you,” he continued to laugh.
“Ah, y-yes,” you played along.
Woohyun pressed his lips on the back of your hand.
“I love you.”

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───​​​​​​​
“I’ll see you later, Hana! Thanks for letting me vent.”

“Of course. Let me know how it goes with your stepsister. I want to see the day he finds out that you’re the good one,” Hana smiled.
Daehi and Hana waved goodbye to each other, Hana leaving first.

“You’re Daehi, right?” Jihyun asked.
Daehi stopped and looked over her shoulder.
“Oh, you’re the girl that spoke to -------- the other day.,” Daehi rolled her eyes.
“Jihyun,” she smiled.
“If it’s nothing important, I don’t have time.”
Just before Daehi was going to leave the coffee shop, Jihyun stopped her.
“It’s about ------ and Woohyun.”
Daehi stopped and looked back at Jihyun.
“What about them?” Daehi asked.
“I…wanted to talk about them, that’s all.”

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───​​​​​​​
Daehi and Jihyun sat across from each other.

“What is it that you want to talk about? ”Daehi asked, crossing her arms, back leaned against the chair.
“How did they meet?” Jihyun asked.
“I don’t know. All she said was that they were high school friends.”
“High school friends?” Jihyun questioned.
“Who are you?”
“I’m…Woohyun and I used to be together,” Jihyun began.
Daehi was shocked, agape.
“We’re exes now,” Jihyun frowned.
“Were you two together after I broke up with him?” Jihyun asked, looking at Daehi.
Daehi remained quiet.
“It’s just that…I heard that -------- -----”
Before Jihyun could finish, Daehi jumped in.
“She took him from me,” Daehi finished.
Jihyun frowned, pretending to empathize with Daehi.
“You see, I-I can help you get to him,” Jihyun said.
Daehi’s eyes beamed.
“What do you mean?”
“I know how he is. Maybe even longer than you’ve known him. I can get him to you.”
“How? How can I trust you?” Daehi asked, feeling a little suspicious with Jihyun’s intentions.
“You can trust me because I’m your only hope. I know how he is. I can get them to divorce each other.”
“What if you’re only doing this because you two used to be a thing?”
“I’m not. I spoke to him and he doesn’t want me back. But, you. I know he would want you back.”
Daehi listened to Jihyun’s plan.
“Why don’t we work together?” Jihyun suggested.


─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

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