Star in the Mist

“Where are you going?” Woohyun asked, catching his breath.
“What are you doing here?” 
Wasn't he supposed to be with Jihyun?
“Why aren’t you at the hospital?”
Your eyes widened by surprised. 
“I….how…I wasn’t at the hospital,” you stuttered through your lies. 

Woohyun sighed, before he swiftly carried you, bridal-style. 
“Woohyun, put me down."
You were too fragile to squirm out of his arms. 

He ignored you, walking to the car.
Just as he placed you in the passenger’s seat, you attempted to get out, only to be stopped be him, leaning towards you.
“Sit,” he said, as he pulled the seatbelt over you.
You wanted to fight back, but you had no energy to bicker with him, letting him win this time.

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────​​​​​​
“Are we going home?” you asked him, as he got into his seat.
He glanced at you, putting his seatbelt on.
“I’m bringing you back to the hospital,” he answered, before making a U-turn back to the hospital.

‘”I’m fine. Let’s just go home," you said. 
“I don’t believe you.”
“The doctor allowed me to go home, that’s why I got on the bus.”
Woohyun tuned you out.
All he wanted to do was get you to the hospital as fast as possible.

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────​​​​​​
You were back in the same room, in the same bed.
Woohyun stood to the side, as the doctor finished inserting the IV needle back on your arm. 
“Rest well,” she wished, before leaving.
Woohyun walked out with the doctor.
You stared at the door in which they both left, confused to how Woohyun figured out about you being admitted to the hospital. 

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────​​​​​​
“Will my wife be okay?” Woohyun asked anxiously.
All he knew was he would live with guilt, if anything happened to you.
“She will be fine. According to my examination, it looks like she had food poisoning. I have prescribed her some medication to help with the fever and any nauseating effect. I’m glad that you brought her back, so we can monitor her condition," the doctor said. 
“What about the baby?” Woohyun asked, “will the baby be okay?”
The doctor gave Woohyun a confused look.
“From my examination, I did not find any other conditions besides the fever,” she responded.
“Are you sure, Doctor?” Woohyun asked again.
“If you want an ultrasound, I can do one tomorrow morning.”
“Please, thank you.”
“ No problem. Please make sure she gets enough rest for tonight. If her temperature drops, I’ll discharge her.”
“Thank you.”

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────​​​​​​
You looked out the window, wondering how you got back into the room you wanted to leave so bad.
Will he come back, or will he go back to Jihyun?
Just as you finished that thought, the door opened, revealing him.
A part of you felt happy that he came back.
The other part of you wondered if he was going to give you the cold shoulders.

 He pulled the stool over to your side.
You looked back at the window, avoiding eye contact with him.
It wasn't that you weren't ready to see him, but it was because you didn't know if he wanted to talk to you.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were sick?”
You heard his question.
“How long were you going to hide this from me?”
You slowly turned to look at him, as tears filled your eyes.
“Who told you that I was here?” you asked.
“Answer me first.”
You knew you lost the old Woohyun with those dark, cold eyes. 
It had looked like he haven't gotten any sleep since.
“Woohyun, we can stop the suffering, if we just let everyt---”
“I’m not letting you go.”
A tear slowly rolled down your cheek, hearing those words.
"Why not?" you asked. 
"I'm not letting you go," he repeated, making eye contact with you.
His eyes seemed to soften.
“Why do you come home late? Why don’t you want to talk to me? Why do I have to eat alone at the table? Why do I have to go to bed alone? Why?” you broke down.
Woohyun stayed quiet.
“You. Nam Woohyun. Do you know? I miss our dates. I miss our talks at dinner. I miss hanging out with you. I miss sleeping next to you. I miss your teasing. I miss your hugs. I miss you. Do you hear me? I miss you!” you sobbed quietly, covering your face with your hands.
"Why are you ignoring me?" you mumbled through your cries, "I just miss you so much."

Woohyun sat there, shocked, by your confessions.
He felt confused.
So, did you have a relationship with Minho or not?
Were you pregnant?
What about those marks he saw on you?
Who were they caused by?

“Who…who is he?” Woohyun asked.
You looked at him with your red swollen eyes.
The dried and wet tears that ran that on your cheeks.
Your pale lips.

“Who are you talking about?” you asked, sniffling.
“The guy who took you here, what’s so important about him?” Woohyun asked.
“His name is Minho, a friend,” you answered.
“What kind of friend?”
You were confused with his question.
What was he referring to?
“A friend with benefit?” Woohyun asked.
“Do you… really think I’m that type of woman?” you asked.
“I…don’t know.”
“No, he's just a friend."
“Are you hiding anything else from me?” Woohyun asked.
“…no,” you replied.

“Are you…pregnant?” Woohyun asked, as he locked eyes with you.
“Pregnant?” you questioned.
You couldn’t believe his questions.
This was not the Woohyun you knew.
“How could I be pregnant when we haven’t---,” you stopped.
“What about Minho? Is it his?”

“Woohyun, what are you talking about?” You asked, sitting a little taller.
“Answer me.”
“I’m not pregnant. I don’t have that type of relationship with Minho.”
“I don’t know if you’re lying to me or not. What about that night? You told me that you were at Mom’s place, right?”
You knew which night he was referring to.
“-----------, why are you lying to me when I know that you were out at the club with Minho?”
You stayed quiet.
You did lie.
“Did you lie to me or not?”
“Woohyun…I…I’m sorry.”
“Did you lie?”
You didn’t know how to explain it to him.
“I was there that night, ---------. I saw you with Minho. Why did you lie?” he asked.
"It was never my intentions to lie to you."
"But you did. You betrayed my trust." 
You couldn't bear to look at him in the eyes. 
"If you and Minho are really nothing, then what were you doing there that night?" he asked. 
"I promise you that I have not gone back since. I was only there to work." 
"Work?" he raised a brow.
You looked at him, knowing that you needed to explain to him about everything. 
"I used to work there. They needed help that night, and I only went back to help them. That was all."

Maybe what she said is right. Minho told me the same thing.
Woohyun thought.

“What about those marks?”
You looked at him, confused to what he was talking about.
“Your wrist. Your neck.”
You thought back to that night.
“It’s….nothing,” you replied.
“Who caused them?” Woohyun asked, firmly.
You looked away.
You knew that it was an accident.
There was no bad intentions behind those marks he made on you.
“Who was it?” Woohyun asked, as he reached for your hands.
He loosened up, trusting you a little more.
You looked at him, the moment his hand grabbed yours.
You missed his touch. His warm hands that made you felt so safe.
“I….I know the intentions were not bad,” you said, as you looked at him.
Woohyun waited for the truth.
“You…were drunk that night, but I know you didn’t mean to."
Woohyun’s eyes widened in surprised.
“Why…Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.
His voice was filled with guilt and anger.
“I know you didn’t mean it,” you assured him.
Woohyun couldn’t believe what he did.
“Excuse me,” he said, getting up from his seat, leaving the room.

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────​​​​​​
You sat there alone, regretting what you told him.
In all honesty, you really knew Woohyun meant no harm to you.
Woohyun took a few minutes to himself, reflecting on your words.

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────​​​​​​
Your head lifted when you heard the door open.
“Woohyun,” you called him.
He walked towards you.
“I know you didn’t mean it."
You hated seeing him hurt.

Without any other words, Woohyun wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling your body towards his.
He snuggled right on your shoulder, a touch he has been longing the most from you.

“I’m so sorry,” he apologized.
Your eyes watered, as your arms slowly wrapped them around his neck.

Woohyun pulled away, looking at you in the eyes.
“You’re not keeping anything else from me, right?” he asked.
There was still one thing you were keeping away from him.
You shook your head.
“I’ve told you everything."
“No more misunderstandings,” he said.
“No more.”

You pulled him into another hug.
“I’m sorry for letting things happened the way it did. I should have just told you the truth,” you said.  
“I should have asked you” Woohyun said.
“Thanks for understanding me,” you managed to smile.

Woohyun pulled away.
“I’m sorry for…hurting you,” Woohyun apologized.
“I’ve forgiven you already. I know you didn’t mean it,” you said, holding his hand.
“I…I don’t know what got into me to have done that.”
“Woohyun, I know you didn’t mean it,” you assured him.
“I would do anything to take it back,” he frowned.
“Hey, don’t worry about it. I didn’t think anything of it,” you reassured him.
“I’m really sorry.”

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────​​​​​​
“Doctor, it’s okay. We don’t need to do the ultrasound,” Woohyun said.
“Oh okay,” the doctor said, confused, “Her reports are a lot better compared to last night’s. I will discharge her at noon.”
“Thank you,” Woohyun said, before leaving the doctor’s office.

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────​​​​​​
He entered the room to see you sleeping soundly.
He sat on the stool and took the time to admire your features.
He missed every inch of your face.

You slowly opened your eyes to be greeted by a smiley Woohyun.
“What’s wrong?” you asked, as you tried adjusting your eyes to the light.
“Nothing,” he smiled.
“Can I leave today?”
“The doctor said you can leave at noon.”
“What time is it?”
“Almost noon."

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────​​​​​​
You sat in the passenger’s side, while Woohyun drove.
You wanted to ask him something, but you couldn’t bring yourself to ask him.
Woohyun sensed it.
“Is something bothering you?” He asked, as he took a quick glance over.
You looked at him, surprised that he caught onto it.
“N-nothing,” you shook your head, looking out the window.

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────​​​​​​
Woohyun parked the car and looked over at you.
Before he could ask you again, you had stepped out of the car first, heading straight to the house.

Woohyun quickly got out, running up to you, grabbing your arm before you could take anymore steps.
You turned around to face him.
“Are you okay?” You asked him, confused to why he did what he did.
“No, are you okay?” he asked.
“It’s nothing,” you replied.
You felt you would be to bothersome for asking such question.
“It’s not nothing. What’s wrong?” he asked.
You thought for a second before asking him.

You looked at him.
“Were you…really with Jihyun last night?” you asked.
He smiled at your question, ready to explain everything.
“She came by to my office last night, but nothing happened. I told her to leave,” Woohyun answered.
“She answered your phone,” you said, hoping for another explanation.
Woohyun sighed, “ I left to go to the bathroom. I came back and I had seen her hung up the phone.”
You slowly nodded to his explanation, taking in the reasonings.
“Is that what’s been bothering you?” Woohyun asked.
“…yea,” you answered.
It was the first time you felt free to express your feelings.
“I feel better now,” you smiled.

Again, you attempted to leave, only to be stopped by his words again.
“----------, there’s nothing between Jihyun and I. I never spent a day with her since the party.”
You felt relieved to hear that.
That was the other thing that was bothering you.
He had answered without you asking.
Woohyun pulled you into a hug, wrapping his strong arms around your waist, puling you into his embrace.
“There’s not a day I want to spend it with Jihyun. They’re all reserved for you,” he whispered.
Your lips curved into a smile, realizing that he was being cheesy.

──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────​​​​​​
“Are you sure you’ll be fine at home?” Woohyun asked.
“Yea, why wouldn’t I?” you asked.
“You’re still sick,” he frowned.
“I’ll be fine. I just need to sleep."
“I’ll try to come home early tonight,” he said.
“Don’t worry about me,” you told him.

Woohyun smiled, listening to you.
Just before he was about to head to the door, you called out his name, stopping him.
“Yea?” he asked, looking over his shoulder.
You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around his neck, fitting so perfectly in his arms.
“I missed you,” you said, closing your eyes, as you absorbed his warmth.
Woohyun smiled, wrapping his arms around your waist to complete the hug.
“I missed you more.”

He pulled away, making eye contact.
His smile turned into a frown.
His eyes locked on your neck.
You noticed it.
“It’s okay,” you smiled, assuring him.
He looked back at you.
“I’m…really sorry.”
“Hey, it’s fine.”
“Can I?” Woohyun asked.
You were confused to what he was requesting for.
“Properly this time.”
His words left you speechless and shy.
Your cheeks gradually turned pink; your ear was burning.
“You’re going to be late for work,” you told him, as you attempted to free yourself from his embrace, only for him to hold you tighter.
Woohyun slowly leaned in.
You wanted to back away, but at the same time, there was no reason to back away.
Woohyun gave another look from the side.
You had your eyes shut tightly, holding your breath.
He smiled, seeing you so nervous.
“I’m not -----”
Before he could finish his sentence, you tiptoed; your neck made contact with his lips.
Woohyun blushed.
Everything happened too quick.
Your gesture caught him off guard, giving you time to escape his embrace and run upstairs.

Woohyun smiled, standing there alone.
──── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────​​​​​​
You slammed the door, holding onto your chest.
Aishhh, what’s wrong with you? Why would you do that, ------?
You cupped your cheeks, feeling an extreme level of embarrassment and regret.

“See you soon, jagiya!”

You heard him, smiling at his words.
You listened to the door close, before getting out of the room.

You walked to the front entrance, removing the window curtain a bit to get a glimpse of the outside.
Just as you peeked your head out, Woohyun peeked his head out by the window, giving you a wave and a smile.
You quickly retreated hiding behind the curtains, though a smile soon appeared on your face.

Giving it a few more seconds, you peeked behind the curtains, as you saw his car backing out of the lot.
I miss us.
You thought, smiling.

Before you could a step back into the living room, there was a knock at the door.
Did he forget something?
You thought.
Truth was you couldn’t face him after what you did.
Without much thought, you opened the door, expecting your guest to be him.

You stood there, in surprised.
“You’re not going to invite me in?” she asked.
Before you could say anything, Jihyun pushed past you, walking inside.
You stood there not knowing what you should do.

Jihyun scanned around the house.
“Hmm, just like the one Woohyun chose for our story,” she commented.
You followed her into the living room.
“What are you doing here?” you asked.
Jihyun turned to look at you.
“So, I heard about your pregnancy."
You stood there, confused.
“Excuse me?”
“I know that you’re having a child with that friend. What’s his name again?” She pretended to think.
“Minho, right?” She smiled.
“So, was it your doings?” you asked.
“What are you talking about?” Jihyun asked, pretending to be shocked.
“Why are you doing this?”
“I already told you. I want him back,” she said, standing there as she was the owner.  
You listened.
“You didn’t want to leave him, so I guess you’re making me do things I have to do.”
“You aren’t only hurting me, but you’re also hurting Woohyun too,” you stated.
“He can hurt, but I know that I’ll be able to heal him.”
“Why would you want to see him hurt, if you truly loved him?” you asked.
“And you’re telling me you love him?”
“Jihyun-shi, if you’re here telling me to leave him, let me make this clear, I love him and I’m never going to leave him. If there’s no other business, please leave,” you said.
Jihyun smirked, pulling something from her bag.

She threw the papers right in your face.
“What about that?” she asked.
You bent down, picking up one piece of the papers she threw.
“Don’t tell me you love him? Don’t try to paint yourself as an angel.”

You read the paper. Your eyes widened, realizing it was the contract. 
“W-where did you get this?” you asked.
“Keep it. Maybe it’ll remind you of why you’re in the relationship,” Jihyun said.

You stood up, looking at her. 
“This….this is not what it looks like,” you tried explaining, even though Jihyun had no right to know why you did what you did.
She crossed her arms, sternly looking at you.
“It has your signature. What else do you need to explain?" She asked.
“You’ve made come to this point, --------shi. I didn’t want to do this, but you’ve forced me.”
“I’m not finished. Leave him before I show these papers to him. Maybe he’ll listen?” 

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

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