Star in the Mist


It was your curse to raise your stepmother and stepsister since the day your dad passed. 

Working multiple jobs and paying off debt was your way of life. You knew nothing of love, warmth, and comfort.

"Expect the unexpected." 
Hard to believe, but it's true.

What would you say if someone asked you to be their daughter-in-law?





Hey Readers! Since you guys requested, I will be delivering it!
I would like to apologize if there are any grammar mistakes. I do my best to revise it before uploading it.

I will be adding new plots and deleting a few scenes from the original draft. I can't wait for you guys to read this new version.


Please NO PLAGIARISING!! If there's something similar to what you have read in other fan fictions, that is purely COINCIDENCE! I respect every authors' imagination and writing. None of the pictures I use in this story belongs to me, so credit to the rightful owners! Again, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. 
Happy Reading:) 

If you guys are interested, I have one completed arranged marriage story,
Arranged Marriage to Mr. Nam Woohyun, starring You X Woohyun. 

My current and new project,
My Mysterious Boss,  stars You X Wi Ha Joon. 

Your support is greatly appreciated! 

All stories can be found on Wattpad as well, or you can search up my username @alwaysterius.






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hakimmj #1
Chapter 21: So many things happen and finally we got their sweet moments together. So happy for woohyun. Aish, with jihyun coming then bigger problem may arise. Thanks for the update!;)))
hakimmj #2
Chapter 20: Hopefully their misunderstand can unveil. I want them to be happy;(((
So sad when she wanted to go home rather than staying at hospital. Hoping that woohyun will know the truth.
Thank you so much for updating;)))
hakimmj #3
Chapter 19: The misunderstanding continue:(((
Hope that woohyun can remember that he unconsciously do that. It's so sad
hakimmj #4
Chapter 18: Hopefully they can be honest with each other. Their relationship becoming so cold and feel sad for them. Can't wait to know what happen after this.
Chapter 14: Hi Author Inspirit_07!!

I really miss reading this story..and the person that grandmother was talking about most likely is Woohyun..he is so sweet smiling like that in that gif!!

⋆。°✩ starfan24 ⋆。°✩
hakimmj #6
Chapter 17: Arghhh! Just enjoying their moments together. But if woohyun know, then their relationship will change ;((
Hoping that she can be strong
Chapter 13: Hi Author Inspirit_07!

I feel so bad for the main character..everyone just wants her husband and not her..not even caring about her feelings either..

Thank you for the shoutouts!! I did not realize you did it the last chapter also!! It made my day, thank you!! I hope you have a star day!!

⋆。°✩ starfan24 ⋆。°✩
Chapter 13: Hoping Woohyun will be more expressive and understanding towards his wifeee, so she can be confident enough to lead her life without millions doubts on herself!!
Chapter 12: hi author Inspirit_07!

oofs!!another cliffhanger!!i wonder what type of contract she was forced to sign..i feel so bad for seems like she cannot catch a break at all..first her stepfamily and now this jihyun girl..

⋆。°✩ starfan24 ⋆。°✩
Chapter 12: Wohhh! A cliffhanger, hope to see them resolving the situation soon enough!