Youth of Lily

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People said youth was the most beautiful moment of life. We laughed. We cried. We fought and loved endlessly. Everything we were done in the name of “being young".  We dreamt of dream. We ran after them without any doubt. We made mistake to learn to fix it.

Isn’t it?

Is this what we call a fix?

Where did the laugh we used to share together before? Where did the dream we chased after?

You left. We are broken into pieces.

People said youth was paired to pain. They said it hurt because we were young. That was why we should fight and win over it.

Why did we keep running until these feet filled with scars?

Could we win this fight?

This wasn’t an equal fight from the beginning. No one was being fair. We should bet everything at the first chance.

To win or to lost.

And at the end of day our innocence would be shattered down into nothing.



Author's Note:

I may be will update today, tomorrow, next week, or even next month or some months later if I get stucked. But I hope you can appreciate chapter that I posted with some nice comment. It really will encourage me to update but of course don't comment: Please update soon or something like that. I hate someone push me to do something faster while I have my own pace. :)

And.... this is my first time write high school as story setting here. I always make mature characters as you can see it within my past works. The last time I used high school character was already 5-6 years ago probably. I hope I can bring high school feeling out from my characters. Hehehe.

Oh! Before I forget it again. This story is inspired by their MV and songs, almost all of them, but mainly Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa series MV. Run, I Need You, Save Me, Young Forever, Save Me, etc


Last warning,


The story would drag you into depression state if you were not careful about it. And if you're not a fans of dark/angst story, please don't try it. But if you're still curious about it, I'm telling you. It's gonna be worth for reading.

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