Glass Bead
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Go Jiyeon was the untouchable senior.

Good girl, smart, nice to everyone, and beautiful to boot. She was what one would call a queenka. Except she wasn't your typical popular girl. She was the true definition of perfect, liked by everyone and hated by no one. It was doubtful that there was even one mean bone in her body. 

It was no wonder then, that she managed to catch the attention of not only Kim Wonshik of kingka group VIXX, but also the attention of Kim Seokjin, richest chaebol in Korea, and practically the ruler of the first years.

Seokjin had been spoiled all his life. The word 'no' wasn't in his vocabulary and anything Seokjin wanted, Seokjin got. 

When Seokjin set his sights on Jiyeon, no one dared to challenge him. No one except Wonshik, that is. Whenever Jin would get a chance with Jiyeon, Wonshik would always be nearby or had already beat him to it.

They became one-sided rivals, Jin growing more and more contemptuous of Wonshik each day. It didn't help that Jiyeon was pretty spineless. She never chose one over the other. She was nice and fair to everyone. It frustrated Seokjin immensely, so much so that he came up with a plan.

It would be graduation soon and the time to confess was running out.

 He had everything set. He would buy dozens of red roses, get his friends to sing a love song, he'd use the whole school to help ask out Jiyeon, and finally he'd show up with a single rose in his hand and a couple ring in the other.

It was perfect. He was confident she would say yes, for who could say no to Jin? He'd never been turned down before and never had any trouble catching the eyes of the ladies.

The day finally came and Jin presented everything to Jiyeon in front of the whole graduating class. Jiyeon gave him a hesitant smile and he had taken it as a good sign. Finally, she was going to say yes and Wonshik would lose.

It was perfect.

Except it wasn't.

"I'm sorry, Jin. I...I'm dating Wonshik. We can still be friends though, right?" 

Sure, if you could be friends with a dead dog. Jin grew angry. No one had ever dared to reject him. To deny him of what he wanted. He'd never felt so embarassed in his entire life.

He hid it well though, handing the flowers to Jiyeon anyway. He smiled and wished her well. Turning on his heels, he walked away with a cool, calm, and collected gait.

It was this day when Jin's heart had turned ice cold. His heart had hardened and he vowed revenge on Kim Wonshik. 

How dare he take what was his.

Sowon found herself pleasantly surprised on Saturday morning, not having expected the surprise visitor. When she heard a knock on her door, she never expected to see Jiyeon, her brother's girlfriend, of all people. She smiled brightly and invited the older girl in, who was practically a sister to her.

"It's nice to see you too!" Jiyeon chuckled at the bear hug she'd recieved. She absolutely adored Sowon and thought of her as her own sister. She'd only ever had younger brothers.

"What brings you here today?"

Jiyeon held up her purse. "Well, I was thinking we could go shopping and get lunch! I'm in dire need of a new sundress and I know you could use some new clothes as well."

Sowon's eyes lit up like christmas lights, practically glowing with excitement. She hadn't been shopping in so long! Let alone with a girl of all people. Even though Sowon was surrounded by men, she was still a girl and as such needed and wanted girl time as well.

"Can we get manicures too?" She glanced down at her nails, noting her chipped

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Still OLD AF but I managed an update lmfao. Trying to wrap up part 1 here. Part 2 is going to be the exciting part.


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SummerLuv #1
Chapter 23: Ooooh she said yes to the date. I hope Jin is genuine about it...
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I remember I found this fanfic around the time it was just published and I been subscribed to it ever since but I regret that I haven’t started reading yet, but I’ll definitely start reading soon!
SummerLuv #5
Chapter 22: Thanks for the update and congrats on being a mom now! Hahaha, I think we have all grown and fangirling is no longer a priority :')
emmanuellelin #6
Chapter 22: You're back author-nim! Thank you for the updates!
Chapter 21: I LOVE THIS!! I'M SO GLAD TO FIND A STORY THAT WOULD HELP MINORITIES FEEL INCLUDED !!T-T This means a lot to me, I don't personally know what it's like, but in a way it helps me understand my friend better.
Ode2kdrama #8
Chapter 21: Thanks for the update.
SummerLuv #9
Chapter 21: Sowon is so pure and I hope Jin would drop his plot thoooo. Anyway thanks for updating!
Chapter 21: Yayyyy so happy to see how this story is unfolding!!!