Glass Bead
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Once they arrived at the camp and everyone had settled into their cabins (girls cabins to the right, boys to the left) they met in the main mess hall for a briefing. It was roughly ten in the morning and their first activity was scheduled to start at 1:30pm. 

Sowon settled her nerves slightly once they'd gotten off the bus and she made sure to secure a bottom bunk in the corner of the cabin she shared with, thankfully, girls she only barely knew and not Jinri and her posee who were in the cabin next door.

Granted, it didn't make Sowon completely safe from catastrophe, however, it gave her more of a fighting chance at survival, certainly. 

It didn't take Sowon long at all to find Taehyung in the mess hall. His burnt orange hair was impossible to miss. She was glad she thought ahead to wear her headphones whenever possible, and quickly made her way over, trying not to melt down at the absolute overload of noise echoing in the throng of students despite her best defenses. The muffled noise cancellation did help.

As if sensing her discomfort, Taehyung quickly grabbed Sowon's wrist and led her to a corner of the messhall near the door, where the other members of the group were sitting.  

Sowon was grateful for Taehyung's gesture, and she took a deep breath to calm her nerves. As she sat down next to him, she couldn't help but feel a little envious of how relaxed and carefree he looked.

"How are you feeling?" Taehyung asked, a smile on his face. Jin noticed them from a slight distance and tried to pull away from his mob of fan girls but failed.

Sowon forced a smile back, "I'm good. Just a little overwhelmed, you know?"

Taehyung nodded understandingly, "I can imagine, but don't worry, we'll have fun. Just stick with me and the others, and you'll be fine."

Sowon felt a little reassured by Taehyung's words. It was nice to have someone looking out for her. She looked around the mess hall and noticed that the other members of the group were all chatting and laughing, seeming completely at ease.

Sowon couldn't help but feel a little left out. She had always been a bit of a loner, not by choice, and making friends didn't come easy to her. She knew she needed to enjoy herself and have fun, but pushing her limits was easier said than done.

Just then, the camp director walked in and called everyone to attention. Sowon took a deep breath and tried to focus on the briefing. They were going to be participating in various activities throughout the day, including hiking, swimming, and team-building exercises. At the end of the trip tomorrow, there would be one final breakfast in the messhall before heading back to school. 

Sowon listened intently, feeling a little more excited about the day ahead. Hiking and nature were always calming to her, so she looked forward to that. She looked over at Taehyung and smiled. With BTS by her side, she felt like anything was possible.

Sowon felt grateful for Taehyung's calming presence and Jin had managed to take up the other seat on her left side, and she smiled at the others as they took their seats as well. They exchanged brief greetings, but Sowon noticed that everyone was a bit tense and preoccupied, likely due to the upcoming activities. She knew that they had a full schedule of outdoor adventures, team-building exercises, and survival skills training ahead of them.

Jin lea

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Still OLD AF but I managed an update lmfao. Trying to wrap up part 1 here. Part 2 is going to be the exciting part.


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SummerLuv #1
Chapter 23: Ooooh she said yes to the date. I hope Jin is genuine about it...
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I remember I found this fanfic around the time it was just published and I been subscribed to it ever since but I regret that I haven’t started reading yet, but I’ll definitely start reading soon!
SummerLuv #5
Chapter 22: Thanks for the update and congrats on being a mom now! Hahaha, I think we have all grown and fangirling is no longer a priority :')
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Chapter 22: You're back author-nim! Thank you for the updates!
Chapter 21: I LOVE THIS!! I'M SO GLAD TO FIND A STORY THAT WOULD HELP MINORITIES FEEL INCLUDED !!T-T This means a lot to me, I don't personally know what it's like, but in a way it helps me understand my friend better.
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Chapter 21: Thanks for the update.
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Chapter 21: Sowon is so pure and I hope Jin would drop his plot thoooo. Anyway thanks for updating!
Chapter 21: Yayyyy so happy to see how this story is unfolding!!!