Glass Bead
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Surprisingly, Sowon didn't have much trouble for the rest of the day. She ate lunch by herself, which was fine because she'd found this cute little secluded spot underneath a beautiful oak tree surrounded by bushes. 

She wanted to make friends, sure, but Sowon didn't know how. No one had really ever wanted to be her friend before. Kids like her were different and required a little bit more then most. There was one time in grade school when Sowon got invited to a birthday party, but she had to arrive early before it started and she had to leave when it felt like she'd just got there. 

After that, she just stopped going to things like that. She hated how isolated and different they made her feel. 

On the bright side, Sowon liked all her classes. They made her excited and gave her something to look forward to. She really liked the free planner she got as well. She held it in high regards along with the only other possession that was ever given to her with no fee, catch, or ill intention. 

She had all her assignments written down for the day and her last class was the one she was anticipating the most: Anatomy and Physiology II. Sowon may not have been street smart, but she made up for it with her amazing knack for medicine and the body.

Savant syndrome is a condition in which a person with a disorder, such as autism, demonstrates profound and prodigious capabilities far from what would be considered normal. For Sowon, that came in the form of science, specifically medicine.

It was her dream to become the first ever doctor with autism. She wanted to prove that even someone like her could care for life and in turn be cared for by her patients. She wanted to give others like her the hope to follow their dreams and to not become discouraged because the world seemed to be against them. That they could overcome their disorder and function like a normal citizen. 

Digging into her triangle kimbap, her favorite food, she smiled happily. She didn't need a lot to be happy as simple things pleased her, so her humming came naturally as she chewed away, observing her surroundings while tapping her shoes together. There was a lone sky light through the trees and she looked up at the clouds.

They were big and fluffy, like white cotton balls. Sowon thought she could reach up and pluck one from the sky if she shut her one eye and lifted her free hand up, which she did. She laughed to herself when she squished her fingers together.

So far, school wasn't what she thought it'd be. This wasn't so bad.

"What in the world are you doing?" A voice broke Sowon out of her perfect world and she turned to see a boy with bright pink hair.

Wow! Did everyone in school have outrageous hair colors? His name would be 'Pinkie Pie' because My Little Pony was one of her favorite shows.

"I'm plucking clouds from the sky," she said as if it was the most normal and obvious thing in the world. J-Hope took a seat against the tree to Sowon's left. He looked up at the skylight and closed one eye. He chuckled. It was so simple and yet somehow satisfying.

"Are you the new student?" Sowon frowned slightly. It seemed that everyone knew she was the "new" student. The one who was too "retarded" to be with normal people. "Yes, I'm the new student Yoo Sowon. I'm from Gwangju province, I'm five foot, and I like playing with the kids at the orphanage. I even want to buy them a 3D TV like the one in the store windows. We don't have a nice TV there."

J-Hope stared blankly at Sowon. Blink, blink. He was speechless. He didn't think the rumors about her were very

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Still OLD AF but I managed an update lmfao. Trying to wrap up part 1 here. Part 2 is going to be the exciting part.


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SummerLuv #1
Chapter 23: Ooooh she said yes to the date. I hope Jin is genuine about it...
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I remember I found this fanfic around the time it was just published and I been subscribed to it ever since but I regret that I haven’t started reading yet, but I’ll definitely start reading soon!
SummerLuv #5
Chapter 22: Thanks for the update and congrats on being a mom now! Hahaha, I think we have all grown and fangirling is no longer a priority :')
emmanuellelin #6
Chapter 22: You're back author-nim! Thank you for the updates!
Chapter 21: I LOVE THIS!! I'M SO GLAD TO FIND A STORY THAT WOULD HELP MINORITIES FEEL INCLUDED !!T-T This means a lot to me, I don't personally know what it's like, but in a way it helps me understand my friend better.
Ode2kdrama #8
Chapter 21: Thanks for the update.
SummerLuv #9
Chapter 21: Sowon is so pure and I hope Jin would drop his plot thoooo. Anyway thanks for updating!
Chapter 21: Yayyyy so happy to see how this story is unfolding!!!