Glass Bead
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Three hours later, Hyori realized she was out of her element.

She was sitting awkwardly around the table, listening to the close group of friends reminisce about things of the past and catch up on the present. She felt so out of place.

Then again, what else was new?

Jaehwan turned to Hyori, and she jumped a little in surprise. "So Hyori, how did you meet our dear Sowon?"

Hyori blushed slightly, not used to being put on the spot like that. "Ah, that. Well, we actually met because of my cousin. We were instant friends and the rest is history. It's hard not to like her, yanno?" 

Jaehwan threw her a flirtatious look, laughing. "That's true. Her helplessness has a way of getting under your skin, doesn't it? Our poor Kong is this group's unlucky victim."

Hyori tensed slightly. She had suspected it and could see it as well, but actually having it confirmed made her posture deflate slightly. Who was she kidding, to think she might actually have a chance? This was Sowon's territory. Hyori was just the wall flower in the corner.

It didn't lessen her bitterness. "You can't help but to flit around her, though. I can't relate."

Jaehwan took in her appearance. Dark hair, sharp features, long sleeve ripped crop top. 110% not a damsel in distress. It was refreshing and exciting at the same time.

"It's nice that Sowon has a friend like you. I'd love to be your friend, too."  Jaehwan stuck his hand out for a handshake and Hyori felt her face heat up slightly, wanting to be anywhere but here at the moment. She could hardly contain the many emotions inflicting themselves upon her heart. She glanced from Jaehwan to Hongbin and back to Jaehwan. Hongbin had not once acknowledged her presence, solely focused on the female lead. Hyori let out a deep breath.

"Sure. Let's be... friends." Hyori took his hand in hers, trying to ignore the small tingles it left on her skin.

Wonho smiled brightly as he worked with Sowon in the library before their anatomy class.

It had felt like forever since he'd talked to his little friend and he could admit that he missed talking with her about this and that. Tonight was the night of the dance and Wonho was telling Sowon of his plans in details, asking her advice. Would his girlfriend like this? Should he buy this corsage instead of the other one?

And was a limo rental too much?

Sowon smiled softly, hand resting on her cheek as she listened to Wonho prattle on and on. Even though there was a small sting, it was barely there, and she felt okay. It would take a little time to get over her small crush, but being around her friends and BTS had really helped her to put the nonexistant relationship behind her.

She was honestly the last person to ask for advice on romance, but, Sowon would try her best anyway, for Wonho.

"Well, I- I can't really speak from experience, but in all the dramas I've watched, sometimes less is more. Why don't you rent a sporty car instead? And show up with a small bouquet and a corsage that will match her dress? I think that would be best. It's what I would want."

"Won, that's perfect! What

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Still OLD AF but I managed an update lmfao. Trying to wrap up part 1 here. Part 2 is going to be the exciting part.


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SummerLuv #1
Chapter 23: Ooooh she said yes to the date. I hope Jin is genuine about it...
123 streak #3
I remember I found this fanfic around the time it was just published and I been subscribed to it ever since but I regret that I haven’t started reading yet, but I’ll definitely start reading soon!
SummerLuv #5
Chapter 22: Thanks for the update and congrats on being a mom now! Hahaha, I think we have all grown and fangirling is no longer a priority :')
emmanuellelin #6
Chapter 22: You're back author-nim! Thank you for the updates!
Chapter 21: I LOVE THIS!! I'M SO GLAD TO FIND A STORY THAT WOULD HELP MINORITIES FEEL INCLUDED !!T-T This means a lot to me, I don't personally know what it's like, but in a way it helps me understand my friend better.
Ode2kdrama #8
Chapter 21: Thanks for the update.
SummerLuv #9
Chapter 21: Sowon is so pure and I hope Jin would drop his plot thoooo. Anyway thanks for updating!
Chapter 21: Yayyyy so happy to see how this story is unfolding!!!