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Byiheartmonkeys19 updated
CharactersNaeun,Myungsoo,Hoya,Eunji, various idol cameos
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ByAmira5 updated
CharactersPelajar #025, Pelajar #021, Pelajar #012 dan rakan sekumpulan dengannya
With2 chapters, 4 subscribers, 70 views

Pelajar #025 Sinopsis Sekumpulan pelajar dari SAPHG |SEOUL ART PERFORMANCE HIGH SCHOOL| sedang menaiki train menuju ke Busan. Mereka semua ditugaskan untuk pergi ke rumah orang-orang tua untuk membantu mereka.

Radio Heart

Bycunnian updated
CharactersHoya, Myungsoo, Infinite
With1 chapters, 33 subscribers, 160 views, 2 comments

Hoya is a student radio host that hosts a show called '9 Songs in a Row Request Hour' where students make requests to hear their favorite songs. Every show, a loyal follower going by the name of L consistenly makes a request to listen to one of DBSK's songs. Figuring that the person is just too shy to list their name, Hoya can't help bu

His Love

Bymaurasoo updated
With5 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 100 views, 4 comments

He thinks he is intelligent.  She thinks he is stupid like a button. He thinks he is strong. She thinks he is weak like a dying ant. He thinks he will never be in love. She thinks he is absolutely wrong.   

Infinite MPreg Drabble

ByInfiniteWoonique updated
CharactersInfinite Sunggyu Dongwoo Woohyun Hoya Sungyeol Myungsoo Sungjong
With17 chapters, 8 votes, 41 subscribers, 990 views, 15 comments

Oh, another Drabble collection written by me! I've already had some of these planned out and written, so some repeats might be made. 

Bitter Sweet Love

ByParkKira updated
CharactersNaeun Myungsoo Infinite Apink
With3 chapters, 7 subscribers, 6 comments

Naeun, an ordinary, sweet, innocent highschooler met a dreamy popular boy,

fake you out

ByKvothe updated
Characterswoohyun myungsoo sungkyu dongwoo sungyeol sungjong hoya mir minhyuk hongki
With7 chapters, 9 subscribers, 260 views, 3 comments

We use various mask to keep all happy and only yourself and someone else knows all true self. But what happens when your mask starts to crack because a person saw it? But you made it perfect bullet proof. But you weren't prepare for him. You were for everything. So what do you do? When you have to go against your best adversaries. Do you run or fight? And what are you fighting for? For keeping the mask or for breaking it?

Your Sanctuary

ByBohemian updated
CharactersSunggyu Hoya sojin byunghun taehee kangin
With2 chapters, 1 votes, 17 subscribers, 350 views, 9 comments

During the time before technology conquered the world, in a town called Gilbay, somewhere at the south of Aliadrya, Lee Howon was raised. Lee Howon, or how he prefers to be called, Hoya, is 26 years old. He left the town at the age of 19 for the sake of continuing his desired profession, engineering. And now, after 7 years of studying away, he comes back and brings with him the will of teaching the other people who couldn’t affo

His Gaurdian Angel

Bynormally-insane updated
CharactersLee Howon, Nam Woohyun
With3 chapters, 24 subscribers, 410 views, 4 comments

Hoya was an angel and it was his mission to protect the average human boy, Nam Woohyun. The number one rule was to never, ever fall in love or grow attached to the 'mission'. Hoya was confident that he would never be one to break that rule since it would be them falling for him. *Obviously* But when he meets this dorky, derpy, gre

Show me the booty

ByI_Say_Ho_You_Say_Ya updated
CharactersHoya and Sunggyu
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Firm booty.

Operation Finding Juliet

Bymeldyalem updated
CharactersJung Juliet (oc), Hoya, You, INFINITE, BTOB, TEEN TOP, EXO, SHINEE, BAP, VIXX, TASTY, BTS, B1A4 and lots more of KPOP artist
With14 chapters, 2 votes, 33 subscribers, 540 views, 4 comments
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It's been two months since Hoya dreamt about a girl needing his help and the accident kiss he shared with you in the library but he still remember every detail of what happened that day. Hoya always notice you at the school being always alone and quite, he also notice that you only interact or talk to the teachers, the librarian, to the other scholars like you and students who has the same name and same family name as you and he also notice that at lunch time you're always at the libr


Bytictactae updated
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        People are changing and high school has its ups and down. But you're not alone. Think of these stories as a portable “guide line” that you can implant in your head. Teens like Infinite share their daily stories about:      1.  Learning to be happy with yourself      2.  Dating, crushes, and possibly, “just friends”      3.

Lost Memories

ByBrokenWinged updated
CharactersMyungsoo, Krystal, Hoya and Suzy
With3 chapters, 3 votes, 47 subscribers, 730 views, 5 comments

  He's getting more and more famous, while she's never felt worse in her life. Soojung witnessed her world falling behind her while Myungsoo never felt this successful in his entire life. When someone you don't expect enters your life, there's always a reason behind it. Whatever you do, big or small it may be, it will affect th

Forever Mine.

ByXxheartsxX updated
With31 chapters, 7 votes, 88 subscribers, 3310 views, 39 comments

Min Jung has successfully became a idol in a group called Vintage Dolls. They have been recieving lots and lots of love from the fans in a very short time. Her life has gotten so much busier after their debut.  Once the both of them debuted, Hoya and Min Jung are busy with their idol life, will they have time together? Will the promise ring be

How It Begun

Byjuliana_lk updated
CharactersYoo Eun Hee (OC), Mun Eric, Kim Taehyung, Lee Howon aka Hoya
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 3 subscribers, 50 views, 1 comments

I ran... I ran as fast as I couldn't breath anymore... At the 15th May 2012, a 15 years old girl was reported to be missing. Hundred of peoples joined to search for her but, until now no hints was been found. [ a ne

Always Be There For You

ByMazel39 updated
CharactersKwon Eva (OC), Hwang Tereza (OC), Hoya, L, more will be revealed in the story.
With27 chapters, 1 votes, 47 subscribers, 820 views, 5 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

You were walking in the forest suddenly there was a growl. You stopped, "What was that?" You whispered to yourself. For sure you went home, but didn't know that someone is watching you.

I'm With You

Byeunkyumin updated
CharactersMain characters: Eunji • Hoya • Jin • Baekhyun • Tiffany Cameo/Special Mention: Hyorin • Chanyeol • Dongwoo • Jessica • Jia • Nicole • Xiumin • Luna
With19 chapters, 5 votes, 44 subscribers, 1480 views, 11 comments

I'm standing on the bridge I'm waitin' in the dark I thought that you'd be here by now There's nothing but the rain No footsteps on the ground I'm listening but there's no sound

Fear The Past

ByKyoWen updated
CharactersMyungSoo, SungYeol, SungGyu, WooHyun, Hoya, DongWoo, SungJong, SooJung, OC
With2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 70 views, 1 comments

Everyone has a past they would want to leave behind. To have a chance to redo it all over again. To have it deleted from everybody’s minds. However, no past can be erased. The only option is to escape. To run, to leave it behind, to never acknowledge its existence. To live in fear of it coming back to haunt you. Be alert, be on the lookout, and don’t let it get to you. Live in the present, plan for the future and fear the past. 

Let's Do It!

Byxxxo_felicia updated
CharactersNam Woohyun, rest of Infinite, Noemi (O.C.), etc.
With8 chapters, 1 votes, 7 subscribers, 240 views, 7 comments

Back again with another request being worked on that I received from my lovely dongsaeng, Noemi. It looks like Author-nim has a story going on, woo~ My

A New Realm

Byhogirl updated
CharactersNam Yeonhee/Park So Eun, Lee Howon (Hoya), Kim Myungsoo (L), Nam Woohyun
With3 chapters, 1 votes, 4 subscribers, 70 views, 1 comments

This is a story of a girl who knows nothing about herself. One day she found herself in a new world, a world where nobody knows her. She was lost. No memories at all. Even herself can’t tell who she really is. She doesn’t know her name, doesn’t know who her parents was. Not even her birthday, her birthplace, her age. In short, she knows nothing. No mere memories left. Amnesia. Yes, it was amnesia. Her name was Nam Yeon

Ho to the Ya for You

ByGetItGotItGood updated
CharactersHoya Dongwoo Yun Hirah Jungkook J-Hope Taehyung Namjoon Myungsoo
With7 chapters, 5 subscribers, 220 views, 2 comments

 Yun is that small,short,cute and clumsy girl who's world seems to be alway disoriented in a sense.She's a ditzy klutz who's awkward and she can never hide her emotions.Just a look and you would know how she feels.Her world turns upside down when a new student name Hoya appears in her class.Seeing Yun's overwhelming awkwardness,Hoya decides to help her overcome her awkward state.But what happens when Hoya's help gets a certain boy named Jungkook to start noticing Yun?However what if Jungkook

The Anomalous Perhaps

Bykeyz_locket updated
CharactersMyungsoo, Infinite, Girl
With11 chapters, 3 comments

I don't know if it'll happen. Nothing is ever for sure. But I'm willing to take a risk.  Just for that tiny perhaps. 

Time Will Only Tell

Byfashionchik91 updated
CharactersInfinite: Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, and Sung Jong. OC: Eunhee
With54 chapters, 23 votes, 365 subscribers, 16580 views, 224 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

I tucked a strain of my pure black hair behind my ear and placed a finger to my pink lips as I looked at the man sitting in front of me, "Are you sure you want to know what the cards are telling me?" "I want to know women! Tell me what my future is I am sure it's going to be fabulous." The man smirked as I shuffled the deck.