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Being the Badass Bride of Byun Baekhyun, The Nerd

Authornim please be more confident in your stories. They are really great and your readers appreciate all of your work. Continue doing what you love and don't let anyone's rude opinion ruin that for you. Hwaiting! From one of your biggest fan!


Bypoppykisses updated
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vampire! Minho and human! Taemin

My lovely husband is my teacher

Bytaemina93 updated
CharactersTaemin Minho jonghyun key onew
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I wake up in the morning at the sound of the ringing clock.I turn a round to face my lovely husband,i stared at his handsome face.I get to touch his jaws,nose and lastly his lips. "Am i that handsome?"said my lovely husband I jump a little at the sudden voice "i thought you're sleeping?" "i'am but your starring at

Too Much SHINee

Byearthtocatnip updated
CharactersLee Jinki | Kim Jonghyun | Kim Kibum | Choi Minho | Lee Taemin
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(updating daily) Another SHINee's fanfics recommendation for every single pairing. every. single. pairing. as well as the ot5 stories :)  

Silk, Velvet and cascades of Crystals

ByCommanderLahLah updated
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"Yes, loads of the people around me are single. But are all of them really free? Honestly, no. Why? Because, most of us are still trapped in that jail called 'Memories'. And sadly... I'm one of them."     "My child

Our Time

Byinnocentangel411 updated
Characters2min | Taemin | Minho
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This is ours ....

Finding Her

ByKoreanGrl updated
CharactersJonghyun||Kibum; Minho||Taemin; Onew||OC; Sekyung; DBSK; Suju; SNSD
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Jonghyun stood frozen. I have a daughter?

2min ft. Jongkey Stories

ByTaeminieAppa updated
CharactersSHINee's Taemin, Minho, Jonghyun and Key
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Hey, hi, hello! Are you a 2min and Jongkey shipper? I am! My love for these two pairings is amazing, and I am here to share my favorite stories of them! Please subscribe to find wonderful stories and please comment and request your favorite story and I will check it out! Happy reading~


Bypikasquad updated
CharactersTaemin and Minho
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Taemin holds galaxies in his smile, and Minho wishes he was a bit braver.  

Bikes, Poems and Coffee

ByEmesmyra updated
CharactersLee Taemin, Choi Minho
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Wherein Choi Minho rides his way into Taemin's life and pours hot coffee all over his heart.

Minho's Harem of Lee Taemins

Byheartykeykeke updated
Charactersshinee 2min jongkey onew
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Summary This time, it is Taemin caught in one of Jinki's cloning experiments.  But this was an accident caused by Taemin's dangerous curiousity.  Curiousity cloned the cat. Now Minho is in the same predicament Jonghyun was in a week before and he's certainly not laughing.  Minho must clone-sit the three unique Taemin's and find the original one to return his boyfriend to normal.  But he has a new

Let's remember 2min

By---Siri--- updated
Characters2min [Choi Minho x Lee Taemin]
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Hey everyone, Siri here ^-^ I saw a lot of authors who wrote about 2min getting writer's block just like me, so they no longer continue writing their stories or even delete them. I also deleted my stories because I 


ByTaeminieAppa updated
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Taemin takes care of Minho

The Monster Protection Program

Bytokkitoria updated
CharactersLee Taemin, Choi Minho
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For centuries great writers have composed stories considered to be myth and lore. Hans Christian Andersen, The Brothers Grimm, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley and even modern writers such as J.K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. They wrote of wretched creatures set to teach those their wicked ways or to symbolize the embodiment of their pain and political allegory. What

365 Days of Love Rants

Bysapi_is_a_freak updated
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- A collections of drabbles with picture prompts and songs.

Chosen to Be Different

ByKayamalie updated
CharactersTaemin, Minho
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A shipwrecked fisherman.  A fire breathing mountain.  An elf boy, the only one who can calm both. 

Seasons of Love

ByDarkStormRaven updated
CharactersSuper Junior, SHINee, Nu'est, Teen Top, Exo, Block B, Song Raeseok/Kito (oc), Song Hyejin/Rino (oc)
With2 chapters, 3 votes, 21 subscribers, 3 comments

The Seoul Academy of Performing Arts is by far the most prestigious high school in South Korea. It is ruled by two infamous groups of students, Exo and the divas. The divas are the ice princes of SAPA,  unchallenged by any other student in the school, including the members of Exo. But with the start of a new school year comes new challenges for these divas in the form of the one thing they've always steared clear of: love.     Main Pairings:

The Last Piece of Him

ByTaemintUnicorn updated
CharactersLee Taemin, Choi Minho
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*WARNING, CHARACTER DEATH*   "You, my baby.." Taemin started, looking at his growing belly, caressing it softly, "..are the last piece of him I was left with.." he cried quietly and hugged his knees, slowly falling asleep.

Find You

Bysapi_is_a_freak updated
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Perhaps, we can find ourselves when we help others do the same?

Gotta Dance with Hate

Byshukaku updated
CharactersKai & Taemin (main), Chanyeol and Minho (secondary) + Yunho and other characters
With7 chapters, 8 votes, 1590 views, 21 comments

  Once upon time, there was this stupid kid that "accidentally" stole my toy. We'd been best friends for years until he decided to leave me.Now the bastard is back.

False Awakening

ByFlimsyFinn updated
CharactersTaemin Minho SHINee
With67 chapters, 11 votes, 134 subscribers, 9820 views, 155 comments

It's a matter of seconds before what seems like a normal day, can turn into something unexpected and foreign. When 16 year old Taemin is walking to school one day, the bright blue sky became tainted with a red hue as sirens echo in the background. Opening his eyes once more to hospital walls, he feels as though his survival is all just a dream, a fantasy. All he wants to know is who made that dream come true and where they are. A/N: I don't want to give to much of the story away in


Bypoppykisses updated
CharactersTaemin and Minho
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model!Taemin and photographer!Minho

Writing WoMen

By---Siri--- updated
CharactersYou // Me // AFF
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Hey everyone, I welcome you all to my newest idea of fanfiction. Lol that sounds lame right?  But I really SINCERELY welcome you to this new creation (I don't think that anybody did this before me) of mine.  THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A STORY NOR A ROLEPLAY OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. IT IS A GAME. (Wel

Eccentrically Exotic

Byhappy_tokki updated
CharactersThe SHINee members, and a few others.
With13 chapters, 5 votes, 68 subscribers, 1420 views, 25 comments

They were chosen because they were different; they just weren't like the others. That it why it was harder to succeed at times, and easier to be targeted during others. "And that's why you're special... you just need someone to tell you that."