Incredible Things

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A thrilling, action-packed, and one y hell of a romantic comedy in which Math-genius-slash-babysitter Seo Iseul unfortunately falls for her mysterious employer, Kai.  A super bad single dad.   

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Suzy folds her arms and gives me one of her worried for Iseul and her stupid life choices look.  “So you were eating your just-got-fired consolation sundae in this ice-cream shop when—“

“Actually, it said Super Happy Choco Delight Sundae on the menu—”

“And when this old ahjusshi father guy came up to you and offered you a job—“

I pull my own hair in frustration.  This best friend of mine can get reaaally paranoid for my safety at times!  “YAH!!  He’s only 24, goddammit!”

“Okay, a young dude who lacks self-control and makes poor life choices offered you a job—“

I give up.  I totally give up. 

“You went and accepted this unknown guy’s offer to become, basically, a housemaid—“

I immediately raise my hand to protest.  “OBJECTION!  UH, he’s not so unknown anymore now!  And I’m not a maid, I’m a babysitter!  There’s a huge difference!”

“—Well, a babysitter for his son, who you’ve only met for about…. 30 minutes in your whole 21 years of life—“

“Jongguk, who is also very cute.”  I pipe in. 

“Whatever, for all you know he could be Stewie from Family Guy who's basically a devil child from hell.  Anyway, the guy is paying you however much you ask for because apparently, he’s a…?” Suzy looks at me expectantly.

“A… desperate father?”  I try sheepishly.

“YAH!  I’m talking about what he does!  What is it that he does anyway?”  Suzy snaps.

I blink twice and give her an innocent shrug.  Suzy sighs and mutters something to herself under her breath, probably something along the lines of ‘I cannot believe this ing idiot’ or ‘she’s gonna get herself killed’.  

“Okay, fine.”  She says, resigned.  “What do you actually know about him?”

“Well…. He has a 6-year-old son named Jongguk, who seems very cute and lovable, is apparently very busy with his I-don’t-know-yet work, and apparently making quite a lot of money…” I trail off. 

What else, Iseul, what else?!  Think!  What else do you know about the random mofo who just hired you? !  Suzy’s right!  What if he’s an ex-convict in disguise, or like, a drug dealer who’s hiding from his Russian boss or something?!  What if—

“You can start making up information now if it helps you relax.”  Suzy deadpans. 

“No!”  I immediately retort.  Ah, it.  This is what your gut is for right?  So what if I don’t know this guy?  All I know is—

“Currently, he’s my employer…” I pause, then grin.  Suzy raises an eyebrow.

“...And he’s also freaking hot.”  


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Disclaimer:  Copyright neonflowers 2015.  This story came from my head.  I was first inspired to make a mobster/action themed story by a mobster themed fic I (still) love so much which is Mobster for Rent by huntress, but apart from that this story isn't inspired by anything else.  Any similarities to other fics or stories is simply coincidental.  Plagiarism, therefore, is strictly not allowed.  That means..  DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT!!  Steal the idea of this fic/storyline, since I swear upon all that's holy I thought of this one (the big plot and all the other stuff) myself and I haven't seen another babysitting-mobster crossover fic like this one here on AFF.  You can try to steal stuff but you know what they say, ripoffs are never better than the original so you know what just ditch the idea of doing that.  Do not try to plagiarize the whole thing and only change the character names too.  I set disallow text selection for a reason.  

Might start off slow but I promise things will build up as we go along.  Just skip to the later chapters (chapter 20ish is where it slowly goes down) to see if you're gonna be interested, and go back to the earlier ones if you are!

So what are you waiting for?  Sit down, buckle up, emotionally prepare yourself and subscribe because...   

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But then again... nothing is ever as it seems.

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danielabravo1705 0 points #1
Chapter 44: I was in finals and never got notified of this update so I was screaming a while ago when i saw the update. I know it will be a while but my heart huuuuuuuuuurts and it's not only for kai, I mean literal heartbreak going on here and I feel Iseul's pain, trying to get distracted and not to think about the dude it can be a pain in the .
I follow you on Instagram and OMG I was in greece the first week of may and LOVED IT, I hope it's not too late to get a reply from you and please take your time, I will wait patiently for your next update.
Seenaa #2
Chapter 44: Soooo how's college life so far for you? It's definitely going s on me hahaha but i still breath so all's good

And thanks for the update! i really really miss kaiseul moment ㅠㅠㅠㅜ
farhamadh #3
Chapter 44: Oh finally!! Just went through an op (open appendectomy) last two weeks so IM LATE FOR THIS UPDATE!! Because rarely on my phone and streaming, i wAS SO SHOOKETH TO SEE THIS UPDATE I LITERALLY SCREAMEDDDDDDD. Thnks author nim pls pray for my good health and a speedy recovery. I hate medicines haish~ so many antibiotics
Iwannabanggukkie #4
Chapter 37: I literally have to force myself to wait for the chapters to build up so I can read them cause this fic is just too much ? it’s soooooo good !!!!! Please keep up the excellent work , please !!!
babylay0710 #5
Chapter 44: Squirrel and Mark? makes me laugh nonstop. Mark so cute!
Chapter 44: Omg I keep forgetting to comment. Lawd, I give you permission to reprimand me. But ALL IS WELL. How are you? And this chapter makes my eyes leak. Pray for me.
hnnanirsli #7
Chapter 44: That squirrel and mark part really funny and i love when kai still thinking abt iseul oh damnn please keep writing im gonna wait for you although you might comeback for a new chapter next year
Chapter 44: never failed to entertain :) i really wanna know how taeyong's team literally thought that a F-ING SQUIRREL can make iseul quit her job, like, its not an iseul thing to just give up or something. btw, life, as always, is tiring· how's yours? :)
Chapter 44: You are one amazing author :) in terms of how life is going its good, i've been pretty bored lately but getting updates from you gets me really excited XD I hope you are happy and never stop writing, ever, or i'll just … cri :'(