Her Kickass Boothang

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Mari's life has taken a turn for the worst and Kai's not giving up on his marshmallow princess without one hell of a fight. Let's just hope a certain fiancé doesn't ruin it for these star-crossed lovers. 




The sequel to My Badass Sweetheart!

Read My Badass Sweetheart to understand all the drama that's happened prior to this hot mess! I'm not explaining anything that has to do with the first book so don't piss me off and ask questions about the past :3 



Kwon Mari (You)

-19 years old

-Has a lot goin' on right now.

-Still Sassy. Still Sarcastic. Still Violent. She's going to use her womanly charms to give a good beat down to her enemies.


Kai (Kim Jongin)

-20 years old

-Life is good, except for the fact that his marshmallow girlfriend exgirlfriend PRINCESS is engaged.

-Still the same old lovable tease Mari can't forget.


-Kim Woobin

-22 years old

-Next Chairman of Kim International (Mari's fiancé)

-Confident, reliable, sarcastic, and protective. The perfect match for Mari?

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