Remembering the fight


Through the whole ride home the man and the girl are quiet, they say not one word. Maybe I was crazy for letting this man into my home but when he said he needed help and didn’t want to be with Yongguk I could tell he was being honest. When we reach my house I open my house door and Fifi comes rushing out jumping and barking up at me excitedly.

“I missed you too girl.” I say smiling at her and petting her head

            Once inside the house Fifi runs back to her favorite spot in front of the fire place so I turn and look at the girl and the guy.

“Well I’ll show you guys to your rooms” they both nod, but I can tell they are distracted looking around the house. “This way” I motion my hand for them to fallow.

            I show the guy to his room first and I’m about to leave when he says

“Thank you for accepting me in your home, I’m Cheondung by the way” He smiles and I smile back.

“It’s nothing” I say and then am out the door.

            I take the girl to her room and it’s silent until I decide to break it.

“So are you ok?” I ask her while opening the door to the room that will be hers, she nods.

“Yes and thank you for helping me, it was very generous of you, I don’t think anyone else would of done the same thing.”

“It was nothing; I just did the correct thing. I couldn’t let someone hurt a girl like that.” She smiles at that then comes up to me and gives me a hug, I hug her back. I then realize that she’s not wearing any underpants, I blush. “Um there are clean shirts in drawers for you to sleep fresh in”

“Ok, thank you” she says and smiles.

“Well I’ll let you rest then, it’s been a long night” she nods

“Alright, goodnight then, by the way my name is Suzy.”

“And I’m Key,” I smile at her then leave the room closing the door behind me.

            While I’m in the shower I watch the bloody water run down my body then down the drain. The side of my mouth was swollen where Yongguk had punched me.

Yongguk ran up behind me, turned me so I was facing him and pounded his fist against my jaw. I fell to the floor taking him down with me we rolled on the floor both trying to punch each other. Finally I am able to give him a low punch on the gut which makes him crouch down into a ball.

I’m not the type of person that gets into fights but I wasn’t going to let someone like Yongguk get over with what he was doing to.


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jungieyah #1
Yongguk you bad boy~! :C And woah~! You go Key~! :D
Chapter 6: Gosh !! Poor Suzy :/ When Key and the others would appear ? Who would save Suzy from this nightmare :/
Chapter 5: PERFECT !! But please can u writ the right names ? Sometime it's Eric and sometimes Jongguk ! And the main character it's Suzy right ? not Adele , becuz I really want it would be Suzy