no exuces


“What do you mean she’s gone?!” yells Yongguk at my sister.

“I... I...I…  don’t know I… I took her to the bathroom and I was distracted when I looked back she was gone... I... I’m sorry...”  Says Sandara  to Yongguk stuttering and looking down at her feet. I know that she’s scared of what he might do to her so I put my hand on her back.

“Well couldn’t you be a bigger idiot now, huh?” says Yongguk getting up and talking into her face, she moves her face away to the side and slides a strand of hair behind her ear.

“That’s enough” I say and wrap my arms around my sister “Enough of the insults towards her, the girl must have sneaked out while Sandara was distracted and instead of standing here blaming it on her we should go look for her” Yongguk looks at me then grabs Sandara by the arm and yanks her away from me.

“You keep out of this, she’s my girl” I grab her and take her away from him standing in front of her.

“And she’s my sister” Yongguk looks at me for a long time and gives me a sly smile.

“I guess you’re right, let’s stop arguing and look for the girl, she couldn’t of had gotten far” we all grab our flash lights and start heading out. Sandara waits for Yongguk to be out then gives me a hug and says “thank you” then she’s out the door as well.

While I walk searching for the girl I think about my sister and why she sticks with Yongguk. I never meant for her to get dragged into this. Maybe if I had never met Yongguk she wouldn’t of had ever met him either and she wouldn’t be in this situation right now of fright to the one she believes she loves. I see a road and I wonder how long I’ve been walking for, I rub the back of my neck.

“Well if the girl reached this road she must of fallowed it” I say to myself and start jogging up the road.



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jungieyah #1
Yongguk you bad boy~! :C And woah~! You go Key~! :D
Chapter 6: Gosh !! Poor Suzy :/ When Key and the others would appear ? Who would save Suzy from this nightmare :/
Chapter 5: PERFECT !! But please can u writ the right names ? Sometime it's Eric and sometimes Jongguk ! And the main character it's Suzy right ? not Adele , becuz I really want it would be Suzy