Using her as bait


I hold Sandara against me as tight as I can trying to make her stop squirming but she is quiet strong for a girl so I had to battle with her trough out the whole walk back to the car. When we get to the car I hold her with one arm against my side while searching for my keys in my pocket. When I finally find them I fumble with them trying to unlock the car but Sandara kicks me in the chin with the back of her foot then elbows me in the gut making me crunch over in pain and spit out blood. Mmmhhh I groan holding my stomach, I suddenly regret ever letting her take those karate and jujutsu classes. I stand up and clumsily run after Sandara, When I reach her she turns around and is about to swing the side of her hand to my neck but I grab it and twist it around her arm then grab her arm and do the same thing. She winces in pain but I ignore it.

“I didn’t want to have to hurt you baby. You know I love you, but you didn’t play along to well” I say into her ear as I drag her to the car.

Sandara doesn’t say anything. When we get to the car I fumble with my keys and unlock the doors, then throw Sandara into the back seat. I put the kids’ safety lock on both of the doors so that Sandara won’t get out then get into the car as well.

“You know the plan wasn’t to hurt you, not at all. I wouldn’t hurt my baby girl.” I say after a long, awkward silent drive. “All I wanted was to get you back. That way you can help me with attracting your brother back to me since he knows where the girl is.”

When we get back to the cabin the sun has started to go down, I open the back seat door and grab Sandara by the arm pulling her out of the car. Once she is steadily on her feat I pull her into the cabin then push her onto a chair.

“Now you stay there like the good little girl that you are.”

“Make me!” she says as she starts to stand up.

I put my hand on her chest and push her back down, I then grab her face with one hand.

“Don’t make me hurt you Sandara” I say looking into her eyes as I hold her face back.

Sandara moves her head away from my hands. I smile at her than grab her hands and tie them behind her back.

I walk into the kitchen and take the phone off of its’ receiver, I take out the poster where Cheondungs contacting information is out of my pocket and then dial the number. The phone rings once, twice, three, four times, I start thinking he’s not going to answer but then the phone clicks and Cheondung answers with an exasperated “Hello?”

“I have her…” I say with a loud chuckle afterwards.

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jungieyah #1
Yongguk you bad boy~! :C And woah~! You go Key~! :D
Chapter 6: Gosh !! Poor Suzy :/ When Key and the others would appear ? Who would save Suzy from this nightmare :/
Chapter 5: PERFECT !! But please can u writ the right names ? Sometime it's Eric and sometimes Jongguk ! And the main character it's Suzy right ? not Adele , becuz I really want it would be Suzy