no... not again...


I pace around in the park trying to hide in the shadows, I have no idea where I am and it’s been hours since I’ve eaten. Yet I don’t want to risk coming out and being seen by Yongguk, it would be the last thing I want. I walk over to a bench and lay down wiping the tears starting to crawl out of my eyes and down my cheek; I close my eyes and wipe my hands on my dirt covered shirt. I wonder if Cheondung is worried about me I feel water sprinkle down onto my arms and I sigh. This couldn’t of had gotten any worse now could of it? I mumble under my breath while starting to get up. I have no other choice but to go look for a place to cover me from the rain. I drag my feet  slowly wincing at the pain that it takes when I take a step, a big wind blows blowing my hair across my face, I feel something smack against my face and I wince, ouch I whisper removing the wet paper away from my face.  I look closer at the paper trying to distinguish the picture, the rain has started to wash down the paint, I read down the paper and notice the name Cheondung Parker with a number underneath. Hope rushes trough me, it would be too much of a coincidence if someone else had my brother’s name and was also looking for a missing girl.

My heart pounds rapidly in my chest in excitement and I clench the flier against my chest as if it was the only thing that could keep me safe. I turn look around in search of a phone or store, I see a post with a pay phone hanging from it so I walk to it. Once I reach the phone I dig into my pocket in search of a coin, with luck I find a quarter, This will do I say to myself as I insert the coin and put the phone up to my ear. The phone rings Once, Twice, three times, four times, five times come on Cheondung answer… I whisper under my breath and with that I hear what sounds like a crumble of paper on the other side and then a raspy “Hello?”


“Sandara is that you?”

Yes it’s me, please come rescue me, I’m so lost I don’t know where I am, it’s dark, I’m scared. Is what I want to say into the phone. I am about to say something when a cold hand drops over my mouth, my body goes numb, I am frozen from terror.

“Be quiet if you scream I’ll kill you” Whispers the low voice of a man into my ear.

My eyes grow wide as I realize that it’s Yongguk.

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jungieyah #1
Yongguk you bad boy~! :C And woah~! You go Key~! :D
Chapter 6: Gosh !! Poor Suzy :/ When Key and the others would appear ? Who would save Suzy from this nightmare :/
Chapter 5: PERFECT !! But please can u writ the right names ? Sometime it's Eric and sometimes Jongguk ! And the main character it's Suzy right ? not Adele , becuz I really want it would be Suzy