is that her?


            We parked the car down the road and through the whole ride I thought of things I would do to the girl, I was going to make her pay along with Sandara when I found her. They might be together but I doubt it, she’s not that stupid. Next to me I hear Cheondung sigh and cough

“You won’t find my sister anymore, I won permit it, at least not while I’m here.” He says but I ignore him. The last person I want to hear from is that little ’s brother.

            At the moment all I want is to find that girl before she tells the cops, later I’ll look for Sandara, Cheondung should know where she is either way. While he’s with me there is a possibility that Sandara will come back for him, if she’s even that much of an idiot to risk her freedom for her brother.

“Should we split up?” Asks Cheondung once were in the city “You know, to look for the girl?”

“No, we stay together; I don’t trust you alone with her. You might let her go” I say spitting at his feet. Cheondung stays silent and walks by me the rest of the way in silence.

            Around us all the stores are closed, there are street lights, but they are scattered making the streets dark. We’ll never find her I think to myself, but stay silent not letting Cheondung know my hopelessness. Around us cars go by but we keep walking into the city trying to look natural. Cheondung grabs my arm once we reach the end of one of the streets.

“Stop.” He whispers and motions towards the other side of the street into the park filled of trees.

“What is it?” I ask confused

“I saw a shadow, it could be the girl let’s get a closer look.” I nod in agreement; we cross the street and try to blend into the shadows.

            Ahead of us we hear faint footsteps and are able to see the figure of a person walking almost in a limp.

“Do you really think it’s her?” I ask Cheondung uncertain

“Yeah, who else would be walking at this side of the city this late at night?” He says in a sarcastic tone of voice. We start walking up closer to the person, being cautious In case it wasn’t our girl.

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jungieyah #1
Yongguk you bad boy~! :C And woah~! You go Key~! :D
Chapter 6: Gosh !! Poor Suzy :/ When Key and the others would appear ? Who would save Suzy from this nightmare :/
Chapter 5: PERFECT !! But please can u writ the right names ? Sometime it's Eric and sometimes Jongguk ! And the main character it's Suzy right ? not Adele , becuz I really want it would be Suzy