Chapter 1

Silent Cry
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Felix was sleeping peacefully in a large bed when he woke up with pains in his stomach. He took one of his hands to it and it, but felt something wet run down the middle of his legs. Fearfully, she lifted the cozy blankets and held her breath when she saw a bright red lump around her. 

 He didn't have to think too hard about what it was. After all, he had been in Paris for two weeks and the first day he arrived he decided to have a test to confirm his suspicions, but at that moment, there was nothing left in his womb. 

 He felt his wolf howl with sadness inside him, Felix just wanted to rip his own skin off for feeling useless for not having been able to carry the pack's first baby. 

 In fact, he shouldn't even have been the first to have the puppy, his body had often shown signs that it couldn't handle a pregnancy and the proof of this was the two miscarriages he had already suffered. This was another one he wouldn't tell his companions about. They didn't need to know what a failure their omega was. They would only be better off with Hyunjin as the pack's omega and not one like Felix. 

He plucked up the courage to get up and wash when he felt his phone vibrate. Obviously they had sensed his sadness! Felix was known for being their sunshine who didn't have melancholy feelings and when he started to have those kinds of feelings, without any of his companions knowing, he blocked their bond and just let them concentrate on their happy, normal emotions. 

 She picked up the phone and simply typed in the word "Nightmare", before tossing the device to the other side of the bed. 

 That work trip had gone so well and he'd been looking forward to his first prenatal appointment to see his baby boy, but now he'd just missed it. 

 Still in pain, he checked that the link was blocked, got out of bed and headed for the shower so he could wash up. The hot water burned his skin a little, but Felix didn't care, as he was nothing more than a totally useless omega who was of no use to them.

Felix knew perfectly well that he would never be worthy of being around his mates, even though he had known from a young age that he was Chan's soul mate, he would never be good enough for him, so when he discovered this fact, he didn't hesitate to hide this connection from the alpha and even learned how to block links whether he was mated or not. 

 As much as it hurt the omega, Chan's dream was to be a music producer in Korea and that was one of the big reasons why he started blocking the links and he panicked even more when he met Changbin, who had also introduced himself as his partner, after a few visits to Seoul during his school vacations.  

 The only time she could never keep them apart was when she went into heat and the two alphas felt, for the first time, that the omega belonged to them. That's when the three of them bonded, with a lot of insistence from their elders that Felix was worthy of them. And now two of the best alphas he had ever met were united with him!

 From that day on, the youngest lived with his companions in Seoul and later, the other members of the pack were accidentally discovered by himself, and if it hadn't been for the elders, Felix would have felt more and more panicked when he saw that he didn't just have 2 soul mates, but 7.

When he met Hyunjin, there was a certain fear among everyone that the omegas might become jealous and want to compete for attention with the rest of the pack, but this never happened, because the tallest omega only agreed to be with them because Felix was always by his side. 

 After all, Felix should never have been there with them, because if he couldn't even hold their puppy, what was he doing there?

 Hyunjin was supposed to be the first and only omega among them!


 Felix needed to cry and he knew that everyone would feel his anguish, even with the link blocked, so he went to his suitcase and looked for his little bag that he was so ashamed of. She took out a scent blocker and a soothing sticker that she put over her marks so that the bond would be nothing but calm and serene. 

 He removed the sheets and the bloodstained blanket and opened the door to find an employee of the hotel he was staying in.

 After handing over the sheets, he went back to his room and looked around, knowing that he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. He sat down in the chair in the corner of the room and decided to focus his attention on his work, since he wasn't a good omega for his pack, he could at least be a good employee for his company.

But at that moment, Felix just wanted to curl up around his partners and enter subspace with his wolf so that they could comfort each other, but to do that there without the protection of any of his companions would be too dangerous and not to mention that he would soon be on the plane to return to Seoul. 

 He took a deep breath to contain all his feelings and swallowed all the tears he wanted to cry, he had no right to cry, the guilt of losing his puppy was his alone. 

 Felix didn't notice the time passing and was startled when a gentle knock was heard on his door by a colleague he was accompanying on the trip, with the supervisor saying it was time to go. He even got on well with Mr. Choi, his supervisor, and Soobin. 

 While he was waiting to get on the plane, he noticed a small family next to him and smiled, until he felt himself being nudged by his coworker. 

  Felix : Yes, Soobin?

  Soobin : They've already called our flight (the beta smiled at him)

  Felix : Thank you

The omega nodded and picked up his things and walked with the other two. 

  Soobin : Is everything all right, Felix?

  Felix : Of course (he smiled forcedly)

  Soobin : The two babies were cute as they interacted. 

  Felix : What?

  Soobin : The babies

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