Chapter 16

Silent Cry
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As soon as the door to the house was opened, Changbin ran to the pack nest and his name was called softly by a sleeping Felix. 

 Changbin : Bbokie I'm here (he whispered close to his mate's ear) I'm sorry I've been away so long


 The alpha gently kissed his lips, nuzzled his belly as he felt the cub stir and sniffed him, chewing the scent of peaches with his wolf. However, Felix's whispers calling for "Binnie" didn't stop.

 Chan : We'll be here (he promised, seeing the other alpha's gaze on him)


 In a mute plea for Changbin, all the members moved away, letting the other bite their omega's neck and enter the spiral Felix was in.

 Changbin : Bbokie ( the muzzle of his partner's wolf) I'm here 


 And for the first time since he had entered his subconscious, Felix opened his eyes and approached the older man. 

 Felix : Binnie 

 Changbin : Yes, I'm here (he lay down with his body on top of the younger man, taking care with his belly) It's okay (he his muzzle once more)

Felix : I'm sorry (he asked softly, his eyes filled with tears)

 Changbin : No, no! It's okay 

 Felix : I didn't keep our promise 

 Changbin : That doesn't matter now, my love. We're the ones who made a mistake (rubbing his snouts)

 Felix : No....

 Changbin : Shi shi shi (silenced him affectionately) It's all in the past and now we have to focus on our future. 

 Felix : But...

 Changbin : It's okay (the other nodded and snuggled closer under the other wolf's body) Bbokie (called him) Why did you use the tranquilizers? (asked fearfully)


 Changbin could feel the other companions scolding him through the bond, but on the other hand, they all also wanted to know why the omega had used them. 

 Felix : Binnie...

 Changbin : The first time you used it after our promise with Chan hyung (there was only silence) Please, we need to know so that future situations don't happen again 

 Felix : It was when I got pregnant for the first time, after meeting Minho hyung (he confessed, lowering his gaze) 


 The whole gang's eyes widened when they heard the other's confession.

 Changbin : When did that happen?

Felix : I found out the day after your first work trip with Chan hyung (sighing) When he went to the doctor to check and see if everything was all right... He told me that there was no heartbeat in the puppy 

 Changbin : And then what?

 Felix : I had to have emergency surgery to remove the baby and I forced my wolf to hide all the pain, but it got harder and harder and I managed to convince a nurse to give me a tranquilizer. 

 Changbin : Why didn't you tell us?

 Felix : I wasn't going to take

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Anli-Xive #2
Chapter 17: Awwwww~~~but I have a question:how many babys they had in the end?😂i just fail to make it clear 😭😭😭
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Chapter 15: Checking whether this story is updated has been a must-do during my busy days ❤️❤️❤️
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Chapter 11: FINALLY!!!
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Chapter 6: I really really really like your story!!!I’m from another side of the Earth,but your words really touched the deep part of my heart!!❤️❤️❤️Looking forward more!!!