Chapter 12

Silent Cry
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Anxiety, fear, panic, despair, agony and so on were all feelings that could be felt from the ties that bound each member of the pack together.

Chan was sitting on the sofa with his hands on his knees, waiting for an answer.

Minho was drinking tea to try and calm down.

Changin gazed distantly at the landscape from the window.

Hyunjin was cuddled up on the sofa with SeungMin and Jisung, who was biting his nails nervously.

Jeongin stared vacantly at Felix's messy room.

The tense silence was interrupted by a ringing phone and Chan quickly got up to answer it.


As soon as ajumma Kim saw the omega faint in front of her, unafraid of the rain, she called for help.

It was almost torture to see the boy on the stretcher as he was rushed to the only hospital on the island. She was about to accompany the young man when she was stopped by the nurses.

Nurse Byun : Stay calm, ajumma (she asked) I'm going to accompany doctor Jung.

Ajumma Kim : Give me some news later

Nurse Byun : I will (she smiled to try and relax the woman)


The beta nurse entered the room where the patient was being examined.

Doctor Jung : Miss Byun, call our patient's pack leader.

Nurse Byun : Is there a particular reason?

Doctor Jung : We can't do the surgery until we have the order from our patient's alpha.

Nurse Byun : Surgery? (asked in amazement)

Doctor Jung : See this cream film? (beta nodded) It's a tranquilizer that will wear off in 4 hours.

Nurse Byun : But we took the patch off on the way! Is it healthy to have both on?

Doctor Jung : No and that's why we need to talk to the alpha lead

Nurse Byun : What if he's in this situation because of him?

Doctor Jung : Then that alpha won't mind accepting the surgery

Nurse Byun : What kind of surgery is that?


The doctor explained the procedure and the nurse was perplexed, so she quickly went in search of the omega's contact details and documents.

Ajumma Kim : Any news? (got up from the chair)
Nurse Byun : Do you have the omega's documents with you?

Ajumma Kim : Yes (she handed the young man her blouse) The rest of your things are at my house.

Nurse Byun : Thank you ajumma

Ajumma Kim : Why do you need that?

Nurse Byun : We have to have surgery and we need the alpha's permission.

Ajumma Kim : He's not from the area (the younger woman stared at her) He came on a trip and was attacked by another alpha.

Nurse Byun : Trip or was he running away?

Ajumma Kim : What makes you think that?!

Nurse Byun : Let me

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4 children
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Chapter 17: Awwwww~~~but I have a question:how many babys they had in the end?😂i just fail to make it clear 😭😭😭
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Chapter 15: Checking whether this story is updated has been a must-do during my busy days ❤️❤️❤️
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Chapter 11: FINALLY!!!
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Chapter 6: I really really really like your story!!!I’m from another side of the Earth,but your words really touched the deep part of my heart!!❤️❤️❤️Looking forward more!!!