Chapter 15

Silent Cry
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They could all feel the pain of the sleeping wolf and many were biting their lips to keep from swearing.

 Jisung : Chan hyung (the one mentioned stared at him) I need to go to him (he whimpered in anguish, touching Felix) Please, touching him isn't enough for me. 


 The beta has always had a special bond with the omega, since they were blessed with the same birth moon at different times.

 Chan : Come 


 The older alpha turned away from Felix so that Jisung could approach him. Each of them could feel the beta's anxiety. 

 Minho : Take it easy (he the beta lightly) Jinnie will be there with you. 


 Yes, Hyunjin had been the first to hide his face in Felix's neck and bite him so that he could join the subspace where Felix's wolf was. 

 Jisung took a deep breath, brought his nose close to the scent gland and smelled the scent of peaches that he missed so much, before opening his mouth and leaving his sharp teeth on the mark that joined him to the omega. The beta closed his eyes and felt the bond shudder leading to his subconscious where Felix's wolf was.

The scene he found was of the sunset on the mountain of Nami Island, with the pregnant woman's eyes closed and the head of Hyunjin's wolf close to her bulging belly. 

 Jisung simply the face of each of his omegas and positioned himself behind the youngest, leaving his head resting against the other's. All three of them were breathing calmly, leaving a feeling of peace and serenity that was so badly needed. 

 Jisung : I'm here (he whispered in the other's mind) I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me.


 Felix didn't answer him, he just stayed in the same place while the beta's chest pressed against his back and Hyunjin approached them, falling a little on top of the younger one, but being careful with the full belly of their baby. 

 They don't know how long it took, but someone woke the three of them up so that they could get out of that spiral, and even though they were drowsy, they faced the caller. 

 Minho : They have to eat

Jisung and Hyunjin were fully awake, only leaving Felix still sleepy, making him start eating while his mind was still foggy. Chan held the omega against his chest while SeungMin fed him. They all knew that the pain Felix was feeling had not yet passed, but as a mated pack they would get through it.

 As soon as they had finished eating everything, Chan forced the youngest omega back into his subconscious accompanied by their alpha baby and the youngest beta.

 It would be a long few days, each of them knew that.



 For the next few days, at least two members made sure they were with Felix in subspace while another member from outside looked after the three of them.

 The doctor Jung had assigned to examine the pregnant woman came to them every other day. At first it was difficult to let an outside beta into the pack's space, but when they remembered that the health of Felix and their puppy was a priority, they let the man in and were always attentive to his recommendations. 

 Each new discovery about the puppy made them completely drunk with happiness and they never failed to caress either the large belly or some part of the pregnant omega's body, without forgetting to murmur sweet words and oaths of love along with apologies.
Changbin : Hyung (whispered at the door of the pack room) Soobin said that Nam YiJoon was finally back in the office.

 Minho : It's about time (rolled his eyes) Where has he been these days?

 Chan : We don't know and we don't want to know (spoke seriously)

 Changbin : I'm going to have a little talk with that  

 Chan : Changbin! (scolded, knowing perfectly well what the other alpha wanted to do)

 Minho : Hyung, Changbin is right (the leader stared at him in disbelief) After everything Gaeul has told us, even I want to have a litt

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