Chapter 17 - The End

Silent Cry
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Two small children were happily running around with excited laughter, one taller than the other, but with little difference in age. They were running away from a wolf who pretended he was going to catch them, but when he got too close, he slowed down to encourage the pups to run further, while the other wolves were just lying around the garden feeling the summer sun against their snouts. 

 A small, weak murmur was heard and the omega, who was admiring the scene in front of him, had his attention stolen by the tiny being in his arms. He cradled the baby closer to his chest and smiled when he saw that it continued to sleep. 

 She felt someone sit down next to her with some difficulty and smiled even more when she saw the oldest beta of the gang sit down. 

 Jisung : I don't know how you put up with it (he huffed, holding his big belly) I can hardly move in this heat. 

 Hyunjin : Privileges of being pregnant in winter (laughed sitting down on the other side)

 Felix : Not long now Sungie ( the beta's belly carefully because of the baby on her lap) 

 Jisung : Even so (snorted) I never want to get pregnant again 


 The two omegas laughed at what the other said.
Hyunjin : My little Jihoon (he spoke in a sweet voice to the puppy who was now opening his eyes) Bbokie's lap is good for the lazy boy not wanting to wake up.

 Felix : He was just grumpy because his noona didn't let him sleep as much as he needed.

 Jisung : Where's my precious?


 The youngest omega said nothing and pointed to his daughter, who was on Minho's lap, totally excited.

 The other two children who were playing got tired and lay down, or rather threw themselves at Chan, who only let out a slight cough with the extra weight he was carrying. 

 The difference between the older cubs was almost two years, while the younger cubs were only weeks apart. 

 It was crazy when Hyunjin found out she was expecting a baby and made Felix take the test, having dreamt several times about the two wolves having a puppy. 

Everyone was amazed that it was a double pregnancy, but they smiled and gave lots of love to the two expectant mothers. 

 At the sight of the t

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Inocas #1
4 children
Jisung and Felix are pregnant
6 in total
Anli-Xive #2
Chapter 17: Awwwww~~~but I have a question:how many babys they had in the end?😂i just fail to make it clear 😭😭😭
Anli-Xive #3
Chapter 15: Checking whether this story is updated has been a must-do during my busy days ❤️❤️❤️
Anli-Xive #4
Chapter 11: FINALLY!!!
Anli-Xive #5
Chapter 6: I really really really like your story!!!I’m from another side of the Earth,but your words really touched the deep part of my heart!!❤️❤️❤️Looking forward more!!!