Chapter 6

Silent Cry
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As the days went by, Felix noticed that everyone around Hyunjin was becoming more clingy, and he wanted to stomp his foot like a jealous child because none of his partners sought him out like they used to. However, the omega couldn't demand that, because at the end of the day, he was just a good-for-nothing who was getting fatter every day, even with the smallest amount of food he could eat. Felix was finished!
 And the proof of that was when he passed the pack room and the door was closed with his partners all inside and him outside.
 His wolf no longer had the strength to fight against an overpowering drowsiness, the desperation to enter his subconsciousness was also screaming from all sides, yet Felix couldn't give in to this urge, he wouldn't put his pack members in this situation when the only one to blame was him and no one else.
 He entered the house, the excited chatter of everyone's laughter could be heard, the omega walked up to them and almost lost his breath at the sight of them all dressed up.
 Felix : Any special occasions? (smiled)
 Jeongin : You're home now!
 Felix : Aren't you supposed to? (arched an eyebrow in confusion)
 SeungMin : It's okay (shrugged) Just me and Innie organized a get-together with everyone to congratulate how proud we are of our omega (took Hyunjin's hand)
 Hyunjin : Minnie (replied embarrassed)
 Jisung : Our perfect omega

Jeongin : And since Chan hyung got a little space in his schedule, we took the opportunity.
 Chan : Hey! (grumbled in protest)
 Changbin : Hyung, it's true. I have the same job and I'm not as focused on it.
 Jeongin : We were going to ask you, but we know you're tired because of the new supervisor, so...
 SeungMin : Resting is the best thing for you
 Felix : What a sweet thought, Minnie

 Omega felt a wave of tears wanting to be released.
 Jeongin : Aren't you upset for us?
 Felix : Innie, do you feel upset for me?

 Of course Jeongin and none of them would feel anything, Felix had the reassuring stickers over the marks.
 Jeongin : Not at all
 Felix : There's your answer (winked)
 SeungMin : We have to go or the reservation will be canceled.
 Felix : Have a good dinner. Have a good time!
 Hyunjin : Thank you

 None of them said goodbye to Felix, they just walked past him as if he were a stranger.
 This time, the omega didn't feel his wolf whimper with sadness, a deep sigh echoed in his mind.
 Hearing the door close, Felix made his way to his room and forced himself to swallow back the sobs. Submission in subspace was calling to him with enormous intensity, but he wouldn't do that while he was in the gang's house.

The door to the pack's room, which used to stay open when no one was home or when one of them wasn't, was now closed, as if it had forbidden anyone to enter.
 The fact that the seven of them were Felix's soul mates didn't mean that they loved him. But how could he blame them for anything when it was enti

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4 children
Jisung and Felix are pregnant
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Anli-Xive #2
Chapter 17: Awwwww~~~but I have a question:how many babys they had in the end?😂i just fail to make it clear 😭😭😭
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Chapter 15: Checking whether this story is updated has been a must-do during my busy days ❤️❤️❤️
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Chapter 11: FINALLY!!!
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Chapter 6: I really really really like your story!!!I’m from another side of the Earth,but your words really touched the deep part of my heart!!❤️❤️❤️Looking forward more!!!