Chapter 4

Silent Cry
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Felix was especially tired that day, he just wanted to take a hot bath and go to bed. As he packed his things to leave the company, he found a message from Chan asking him to go to Hongjoong's house because something important had happened. 


 Immediately, he felt nervous and when he saw the minutes of the message, he was startled. The alpha had sent it to him 40 minutes ago, so he quickly gathered his things and ran to his car. 


 Arriving at his destination, he noticed Changbin's van and Chan's motorcycle, so he parked next to it and ran to the door. It was his alpha baby who opened it and gave him a sad smile, and the omega could smell some sour and distressing smells. 


 Felix : What happened?



 Everyone watched before sighing and he could notice that the omegas Wooyoung and Seonghwa weren't there and the beta Yeosang. Hyunjin and Jisung weren't there either. Without saying a word, Minho pointed to the door of his friends' pack room and Felix walked cautiously towards it. 


 The three omegas and the two betas were nestled together. Felix didn't know what to do but just sat down in front of the 5. 


 Yeosang and Wooyoung's faces were red from crying while the other three tried to hold back their tears.

Jisung : Yeosang lost the baby (he whispered just so his partner could hear him)


 Felix : Yeo... (called him softly, holding back his crying)


 Yeosang : I want everyone to leave (sniffled) I want to be alone 


 Seonghwa : But my love...


 Yeosang : Please hyung (begged)


 Hyunjin : We'll be in the living room (kissed the beta on the forehead and got up with Jisung) Lixie...


 Felix : I'll be right there Jinnie 


 Wooyoung : Are you sure?


 Yeosang : Please Young


 Seonghwa : Let's give him some room (pulled out his omega) 



 As soon as everyone left, Felix didn't move.


 Yeosang : Yongbok...


 Felix : I don't think it would be ideal for you to be alone right now (he moved closer to the other man) 


 Yeosang : I lost him (cried against the omega) I lost my first cub, even though I was a beta I managed to have my baby and I ended up losing him.


 Felix : Hyung....


 Yeosang : I didn't know he existed, but when I got to the hospital and the doctor told me that...


 Felix : Shi shi (cradling him like a child) I know that hearing words of comfort right now won't bring the baby back.

Yeosang : Everyone tells me it will pass...


 Felix : But the pain remains, I know (he swallowed his own cry to stay strong) We feel our wolf crying in agony and sadness. We feel like failures and we want to crawl out of our skin (he whispered, hugging him even tighter) We wonder if we're good enough for those who are attached to us.


 Yeonsang : Bbokie (tried to face him, but he wouldn't let him and continued to cradle him) 


 Felix : We question our worth and our purpose in the world (he sighed and carefully took off his scent blocker to calm the beta in his arms) As much as we're told that we're young and that we can always try again, we're afraid that the same thing will happen again. And when you're ready and sure to tell everyone, your womb is empty (he sniffled softly) Our wolf is screaming to go into subspace with him so that he can comfort us, but we don't want to put that burden on our partners. 


 Yeosang : When did it happen? (asked seriously) Nobody told us anything


 Felix :

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Anli-Xive #2
Chapter 17: Awwwww~~~but I have a question:how many babys they had in the end?😂i just fail to make it clear 😭😭😭
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Chapter 15: Checking whether this story is updated has been a must-do during my busy days ❤️❤️❤️
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Chapter 11: FINALLY!!!
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Chapter 6: I really really really like your story!!!I’m from another side of the Earth,but your words really touched the deep part of my heart!!❤️❤️❤️Looking forward more!!!