Chapter 9

Silent Cry
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After those days, Felix arrived at the company and was soon dragged into the office by YiJoon. 

 YiJoon : You can stay calm, this time I want to talk about work 

 Felix : Say?

 YiJoon : We need to go to Biyangdo. The CEO wants to open something there and has asked us to go and talk to the locals.

 Felix : Since when is that our job?

 YiJoon : I'm as angry as you are, Felix, but I won't deny you anything either

 Felix : When are we going?

 YiJoon : We have to leave tonight (the other nodded) I'll pick you up at home.

 Felix : I can meet you at the airport 

 YiJoon : It's easier if I come to your house. 

 Felix : I won't be late (the alpha looked at him seriously, before rolling his eyes and nodding) Mr. Nam will let Soobin know or...

 YiJoon : Mr. Choi has asked for a two-week leave due to the routine of one of his partners. 

 Felix : Right (answered nervously)


 Traveling only with the alpha was something that was already bothering him too much. 

 Would YiJoon focus on just work?

 YiJoon : I'll wait for you at the airport 

 Felix : How many days will we stay?

 YiJoon : If it's the amount of clothes, I'd think you'd look much better with my clothes on (hissed mischievously) 

 Felix : Mr. Nam!

 YiJoon : 3 days (rolled his eyes)

 Felix : If that's all, I'll retire to start my working day. 

 YiJoon : Sure, see you Felix (smiled) And don't worry about the tickets, I'll take care of everything (winked)

Omega left his supervisor's office and sat down at his desk. 

 For a moment, anxiety, nervousness and agitation were taking hold of him and the uneasiness in his stomach didn't help either. He got up quickly and ran to a cubicle where he only had time to open the toilet seat and throw up. 

 Cold sweat ran down his back and he almost closed his eyes, finding himself in subspace with his wolf. That action was too dangerous!

 He washed as much as he could and went to the company refractory so that he could calm his stomach with a cup of tea.

 XXX : Can I sit here? 


 The omega looked at the voice and smiled when he recognized Gaeul. 

 Felix : Of course 

 Gaeul : How has YiJoon been with you? (the man said nothing) No shame in denouncing him for ual harassment. 

 Felix : And who would believe me?

 Gaeul : I'll be your witness 

 Felix : I'd only be the only one (sighed) Mr. Nam gets along very well with everyone in the office

 Gaeul : He's the kind of person who hides who he really is (snorted) Have you talked to your colleagues about this treatment? 

 Felix : I couldn't put them in that kind of situation 

 Gaeul : So you'd rather keep them in the dark while that abuses you? You should take action before something serious happens.

 Felix : If it gets worse, you'll be the first to know (the alpha nodded) Why are you so nervous?

 Gaeul : While you've been away, the human resources department feels like it's been attacked. 

Felix : Sensation?

 Gaeul : Someone who wasn't allowed in got hold of one of our cards and the CEO is afraid that some information has been leaked that he shouldn't have 


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Chapter 11: FINALLY!!!
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