Chapter 2

Silent Cry
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The sun rose and Felix smiled at being able to witness this sight. In the early hours of the morning, when he realized that everyone was asleep, the omega had left the nest made by Hyunjin. He made himself a cup of tea and sat on the windowsill in his room, looking out over the landscape, which led to the garden behind the house, where three cypress trees were growing.
  He felt his phone vibrate, alerting him that his alarm would go off in a few minutes, so he quickly washed up, put on a turtleneck and headed for the kitchen. He looked at the ingredients and his stomach churned at the thought of food, so he just packed some fruit to eat during the day.
 XXX : Up so early?

 The omega was startled to hear the gruff voice that gave him goosebumps and turned to look at his alpha leader.
 Felix : Mr. Choi is retiring and we're going to meet the new supervisor
 Chan : Is it necessary to go so soon?
 The older man walked over to the smaller one to hug him, but the other moved away trying to disguise himself by picking something up.
 Felix : I have some work to catch up on
 Chan : A good employee than mine...
 Felix : I have to go (he interrupted him, ready to pick up his things)
 Chan : Lixie... (pulled him close) I missed you (confessed, looking into his eyes)

The alpha brought his face close to the younger man's and brushed his lips against it calmly, taking the opportunity to circle his waist and, without realizing it, caressed the sides of his hips with his thumbs rubbing against his belly. Noticing this action, Felix felt uncomfortable with himself, after all, it was Hyunjin who should be receiving this affection, not him.
 Felix : I really have to go (he walked away, before he could deepen the contact)

 Chan stood there watching his omega leave the house, until he felt his arms being taken by his other omega.
 Hyunjin : Lixie left without saying goodbye (grumbled)
 Chan : Lix came back strange from her trip
 Hyunjin : Did you feel anything? I just feel calm
 Chan : Me too
 Hyunjin : Let's do something to surprise him, he's been away from us for two weeks.
 Chan : Yes...
 Hyunjin : Now let's go back to the nest where everyone is (said slyly) And maybe a knot inside me (bit his lip mischievously)
 Chan : That's more like it

 The alpha lifted the other from the ground and walked with him to the nest, closing the door with his foot.
 Jisung : Lixie? (asked staring at the two of them)
 Chan : He's gone

 The older beta pouted.
 Hyunjin : Don't pout baby (fell on top of the other and kissed him)

The drive to work was quick, as there were still very few cars on the road at that hour. Felix didn't like driving very much, but he didn't want to have to wait for one of his colleagues to give him a lift.
 He walked towards the large building, swiped his employee card and waited for the elevator. The metal doors opened and he smiled in greeting to the person who was also already in the space.
 YYY : Which floor?
 Felix : 10th

 The man just nodded with a smile on his face and Felix could smell someone else's scent, making it clear that the person accompanying him was an alpha who wasn't mated.
 YYY : Same floor as me (commented distractedly) I'm Nam YiJoon
 Felix : Lee Felix
 YiJoon : Oh! (looking him up and down, making the omega stare at him uncomprehendingly) Mr. Choi informed me that he would have someone accompanying him, but I never thought it would be such a handsome freckled omega
 Felix : Are you the new sector supervisor? (choosing to ignore the comment)
 YiJoon : Yes, and I think I'll get on very well.
 Felix : Yes, you'll get on well with the whole team.

 The bell rang signaling that the doors would open and like a good gentleman the alpha left the omega.
 YiJoon : Of course with the team (he laughed) It's still early (he glanced at his watch) Can I get you a coffee?
 Felix : I appreciate the offer, but I have some work to catch up on.
 YiJoon : Didn't you just come from Paris? (the other nodded without understanding) I think you've worked too hard, Felix should relax a bit more.

Felix :

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